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  1. FLEric308

    Accessories WTB: MDT XRS

    Looking for a MDT XRS chassis system. Let me know what you have. Looking for R700 SA inlet
  2. FLEric308

    Rimfire Sold

    I bought these off another member unused. I did not use them either but no longer need them. Both are polymer 10 round mags. Asking shipped.
  3. FLEric308

    Accessories SPF: PRD MPA BA comp chassis

    I am selling my used MPA Ba comp chassis from Precision Rifle Division. It is cerakoted the NRA Blue and has some wear shown in the pictures on the bottom from use on barricades. I used it for several matches and decided to switch to the MDT. It is right handed and for the 700 action. Asking $...
  4. FLEric308

    WTB: Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6 VMR-2 MIL

    As the title says, I’m looking for a Vortex HD Gen 2-E 1-6 with the VMR-2 mil. Let me know what you have.
  5. FLEric308


    Sale fell through so it is back up for sale. I am selling my STI 1911 chambered in 9mm. It is an extremely smooth running and tight group shooting pistol. I have used it for several competitions (NRA Bianchi Cup & USPSA) and other than that, it has sat in my safe. The pistol will come with 6...
  6. FLEric308


    For sale is a 50% off an MDT ACC chassis certificate. . Paypal or USPS money order. No trades at this time.
  7. FLEric308

    Advanced Marksmanship Barricade Help

    I have built several wooden barricades to practice with. My biggest issue is with the barricades slipping when I build my positions. I currently shoot at a range with an asphalt shooting area and when I apply any forward pressure the barricade slips. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I...
  8. FLEric308

    TJGolf is gtg

    Really smooth transition with @tjgolf. He is good to go and extremely responsive.
  9. FLEric308

    SPF : Hornady 308 ELD-M 178gr bullets

    I have 9 unopened 100 count boxes of Hornady ELD-Match 178gr 308 bullets for sale. All 9 boxes are the same lot number. Will post pictures when I get home later. $265 shipped CONUS
  10. FLEric308

    FS: NIB Vortex Fury HD $925

    I have a Vortex Fury HD for sale. It is new in box. I took it out to look at it, put it back in the box and it sat in my safe. $925 shipped CONUS
  11. FLEric308

    Cz 455 question

    I am looking at getting a CZ455. My fist thought is to get the MPA 22BA as I use a MPA chassis for PRS. Is the MPA built gun with the extra money compared to getting a 455 varmint precision trainer?
  12. FLEric308

    Training Courses Dry Fire Question

    If this is in the wrong thread, moderators please move it. I have been using my I.O.T.A for dry fire at home focusing on the fundamentals (Remington 700). My biggest weakness during dry fire and live fire is my kneeling barricade position. What dry fire drills does everybody do to work on the...