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    Rcbs 1500 question

    I picked up a used rcbs 1500 I’m trying to get it set up, but the scale will not settle and stable on a number. I can’t calibrate or do anything with it. I’m looking for some suggestions on what to try? ps. It’s away from electronics and air vents.
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    Episode #212

    I loved this episode! Lately I have been getting some vertical spread in my groups. I was thinking it was possibly my breathing or maybe it was just because I’m shooting factory Ammo and could be some velocity issues. My right to left spread is very consistent throughout the groups, just some...
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    Finland merino wool

    What’s the company Frank is always talking about? Verslika haha I would like to maybe get a hoodie. Anyone try their products?
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    StrelokPro zero weather matching??

    1. For those using StrelockPro, are you using the zero weather matching for velocity (basically it doesn’t adjust the velocity based on temp drop etc) or are you entering using the zero weather and having the software adjust the bullet velocity based on weather conditions? 2. Is the zero offset...
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    2005 Remington 700 Trigger Question

    I just bought a Remington M700 BDL in .17 Rem and it is topped with a Leupold M8 12x40 with Target reticle and an elevation target turret built in 1979! I looked up the model year and it appears the Rem was built in 2005 and has the bolt release in the trigger guard. The trigger is nice but...
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    Recoil Management/NPA

    I went to the range yesterday to practice my fundamentals. I was shooting prone at 500 yards with a Harris bipod on concrete and a rear bag. Not ideal situation but the best option I have. I’m shooting a Savage model 10T (Cabela’s) 6.5 Creedmoor sitting in an XLR Element chassis. This is a non...