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    Firearms HK SP5 Fullsize, Latest model

    Going a different direction, need to free up some cash. - NIB HK SP5, latest model with proper drum rear sight (not the MP5K sight) - Two factory German black mags - One factory German tan mag - B&T Low profile mount (installed on another gun, like new) $3500 shipped to your FFL
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    SOLD 6.5 CM Ammo, Federal Fusion, 140gr, $120 shipped

    I’m not being a shit head, I know it’s expensive, but if you need it I can part with it. 2 boxes, $120 shipped with a fancy diamond drawn on the box
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    SOLD Federal 30-30Win Ammo, 80 rounds

    4 boxes, 170gr, jacketed soft points 200 shipped
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    SOLD Surefire Rapid Transition Sights, 45 degree, RTS-1 set

    Very light use, mounted and set on safe queen $150 shipped, venmo or zelle
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    Accessories 6.8 SPC Ammo, 115gr SMK HPBT

    80 rounds / 4 boxes, HSM, been sitting in my safe for awhile. $135 shipped (Also have a brand new LMT Enhanced 6.8 (lobster tail) bolt,
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    Accessories 6mm ARC Ammo

    Hornady Black 105gr BTHP 100 rounds / 5 boxes $235 shipped
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    SOLD 224 Valkyrie Ammo

    Federal varmint and predator 60gr Hornady VMAX 120 rounds / 6 boxes $130 shipped
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    SOLD Magpul Suppressor Cover, 5.5", FDE

    Brand new. Tried to put it on my SIG can... no, it does not fit :( By far the best idea in suppressor covers, doesn't strangle the can, I consider fabric covers to be storage and short use, this thing, I wouldn't ever remove. $60 shipped
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    SOLD LMT 6.8 Enhanced Bolt with PRI 6.8 Magazine

    Brand new LMT 6.8 bolt, the lobster tail enhanced version. Take off from a new LMT rifle, test fired at factory. Comes with a brand new PRI 6.8 mag (25 rounds). $250 $225 shipped
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    SOLD S&B Sellier & Bellot 6.8 SPC ammo

    SOLD 110gr, green tip, new brass, boxer primed Local store was clearing out and I snagged awhile back, wish I could keep it, but I can not.
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    SOLD MEGA ARMS Billet Upper and Lower Matched Set, AR15, Ambi

    So.... I'm a complete an utter fucking moron. I have an excellent quality Mega Arms set on a precision gun, I need to sell it to cover the cost of life, I want to clean it up, so I throw it in to the ultrasonic. I entirely forgot that SOME annodizing is OK in ultrasonics, and SOME is not. Mega's...
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    SOLD LMT DMR Stock

    Brand new takeoff from a 556 platform gun. LMT's DMR stock is functionality similar to Magpul's PRS for adjustable lop and comb, but a shorter minimum LOP (possibly longer maximum LOP as well, uncertain) and lighter. I prefer it to the PRS any day of the week...
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    SOLD LMT MRP Barrel, .224 Valkyrie 20", Brand New

    $435 shipped OBO. 120 rounds of ammo included. 3x of 88gr Hornady Match, and 3x of 90gr Fusion 1:7 twist barrel (good for 90gr), gas block, gas tube, LMT three prong flash hider. Test fired at factory, but otherwise new barrel.
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    SOLD LMT MWS 6.5cm Long Range Sniper - Black - MLKMWS Upper Receiver, monolithic - 20" 6.5 CM, 1:8 twist - MLOK - Ambi charging handle - DI - MARS-H Low Receiver - Two-stage match trigger - LMT Precision Stock - PMAG 20, Gen3 - LMT Sling - New. I haven't had a chance to fire it...
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    Desert Tech MDR in 2021, side eject, still "needs work"?

    From my bit of research: It seems they at least tried to fix the issues in 2019. I look on their site now and see they have a "Side Eject" version...
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    Practicality: 12.5" 308 AR10 -vs- 16" 300blk AR15

    Look.... I don't care about a ton of things and I super don't care about bullshit like what your SEAL friend says. I'm intending to get a PRACTICAL discussion of these two 30cal options. I know this isn't a great forum for PRACTICAL advice because some of you lunatics spend $1000 on a bipod ;)...
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    SOLD AI AX 700 short action chassis

    I've been looking for an AX chassis for a 700 SA. Green or tan ideally. Any rail. I'm pretty flexible. .... There is that new AT chassis coming out, you don't want that old AX anyhow! All your friends will make fun of you... Sell it to me and I'll be the butt of the joke ;) Edit: ... couldn’t...
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    Besides PTG, who uses M5/Badger inlet on their bottom metal?

    Looking for a badger alternative. Was qued up on the Seekins, but apparently it uses a different inlet? Does anyone besides PTG make a Badger clone?
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    Rifle Scopes Partial-Horus-Like reticles, seem dumb, please explain to me

    So... I get Horus reticles. I mean, I think they're busy of course, no one really argues that. My issue with them is that with whole lines ever 1 mil, and dots every .5 mils, you are more at most ever going to be "holding in space" at .25 left/right off a marking and .25 up/down off a marking...
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    Rifle Scopes Can someone confirm Leupold Mk6 3-18 locking turret function?

    I haven't gotten to fondle a Mk6 3-18 yet, but I did get to handle the Mk6 1-6 with the compact turrets. Does the pinch to unlock work: - Like the Mk6 1-6 where the "button" needs to be pressed in order to turn away from 0 mils, but after its off of zero, spins freely - Or, does it...