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  1. SgtUSMCirqafg

    question about selling on sniperhide.

    I just renewed my annual membership. Everyone double posts their stuff there anyways! 😂
  2. SgtUSMCirqafg

    question about selling on sniperhide.

    Same could have been said for the ar15 EE but a good feedback system kept it in check and that never happened here until recently. A good feedback system could have kept the scammers away pretty easily. Now it’s $20 a month to think about posting something and all of that “knowledge” is still...
  3. SgtUSMCirqafg

    question about selling on sniperhide.

    Its $25 a year for and the EE its way easier to navigate with way more contributors than the hide. I would Happily pay $25 a year for the same here but damn what they are asking is insane and that what kills sites. I had a friend ask if he should be a site sponsor the other day and my...
  4. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Reloading Equipment WTS- 6creed/6GT brass

    It’s going to be heavier than the plastic stock it came with. Trade off is it’s actually high quality and not a POS, adjustable and it actually floats. It’s the only chassis for that gun out there and anything else would need bedded which would cost about what this stock is listed for.
  5. SgtUSMCirqafg

    WTB Harris 6-9 bipod and MK13 sling

    They are just off the shelf Harris brms 6-9 leg notch with old school kmw podloc that’s the hard part to find since they changed the design.
  6. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC .223 T5A bartlein $2050

    Price drop to $2050 shipped
  7. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Accessories Area 419 Arca Rail

    I’ll take it
  8. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms CZ 550 300wm, Manners, Bartlein $1550

    Up for sale is an RBGC CZ 550 with a bartlein barrel and Manners EH1 chambered in 300wm. It has only been test fired. For those that don’t know Rivers Bend Gun Co was the CZ custom shop and built all the Sonora rifles. This is a clone of those rifles only without the fluting. $1550
  9. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC .223 T5A bartlein $2050

    Need this thing gone!
  10. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Accessories Remington 700 inlet stocks

    Damnit beat me to it!
  11. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC .223 T5A bartlein $2050

    Another price drop
  12. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Manners Composite Stocks Estimated Lead Times

    Eh1 ordered in Feb and picked up today!
  13. SgtUSMCirqafg

    Firearms RBGC .223 T5A bartlein $2050

    Bump, make an offer guys!