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  1. 6.5BR

    Ammo Sold

    Winchester 150gr. Extreme Point $33 per box plus shipping to lower 48. Prefer to sell together. Also pm me. Thanks.
  2. 6.5BR

    Accessories 45 ACP ammo - Federal 230 VHP

    3 boxes of 50 count - ammo $20 a box Cheaper than Midway and they charge tax, and are out of stock. 55 a box + shipping, or $165 for all 3 Shipped to lower 48.
  3. 6.5BR

    Accessories SOLD

    2 boxes Fed. Premium Gold Medal 168 grain Sierra Matchking $44 box plus shipping to lower 48. Sorry no paypal, etc. PM also.
  4. 6.5BR

    Accessories SOLD

    4 unopened boxes, will sell to the lower 48. $50 per box, plus shipping. Sorry, but I don't do paypal/venmo, etc. Send PM also. Thanks. Edit: 45 each plus shipping. 185 for all shipped to lower 48.
  5. 6.5BR

    Accessories SOLD

    I have 3 unopened boxes, and will sell to the lower 48. $50 per box, plus shipping. Sorry, but I don't do paypal/venmo, etc. Send PM also. Thanks.
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    Accessories 10mm Sig V-Crown 180 ammo

    5 boxes for sale. Price dropped from 250 + shipping to 225 + shipping. Or 45 each plus shipping to lower 48. Send PM also, thanks.
  7. 6.5BR

    Accessories Sold

    I have 5 unopened boxes, and will sell to the lower 48. Gunbroker selling for $3 and up per round, plus shipping. Mine are $275, plus shipping. Sorry, but I don't do paypal. First taker, plus send a PM.
  8. 6.5BR

    Range Report 6.5 CM + 7/08 Factory ammo speeds in 20" barrels?

    What are you guys getting in 20" barrels with factory ammo? Please list ammo, and if it's in a custom or factory tube. Thanks.
  9. 6.5BR

    Manners EH-4 wanted

    If anyone has an EH-4 in Midnight, I am considering one for a RH SA 700 with Light Palma, and BDL set up. Message me. Thanks.
  10. 6.5BR

    Manners EH-4 stock

    Thought about an EH-4 for a 20" Light Palma on a 700, anyone using this model? Figured it or even a McM Hunter would do well in the field for hunting, wide beavertail not needed. LTR stock seems to slick in the pistol grip and forearm, and a bit wide in the forearm as well. What say you...
  11. 6.5BR

    Short barrel - light 6.5 hunting rifle

    Curious who hunts with a 16-20" sporter for a woods rifle? Finn Aaggard wrote a piece on a ULA 7BR in 1992. It had a 16 11/16 bbl weighed 4lb 14 oz - bbl contour sporter mag at .660. Looks like a nice blueprint for a handy woods carbine. Not a "Fly-weight" fan but it seems a 17-19" in a #2...
  12. 6.5BR

    7mm-08 vs 6.5mm for hunting

    I have run many 7/08, 260, Swede, Creed, and 47 Lapua. Curious what the opinions are on the 7 vs a non-belted short 6.5 for hunting given the latest bullets and powders. Consider a barrel 23" max. Anyone prefer the 7mm? Hunters, I'd like to hear about your set up, rifle specs/glass, and...
  13. 6.5BR

    Tikka CTR barrel contour "Medium Heavy" = ???

    Anyone have one thay can mike the OD and give feedback on approx contour? The new 20" models is what I am referring to - thanks.
  14. 6.5BR

    6 Creedmoor - SMALL RIFLE PRIMER

    I want royalties, perhaps this will bridge the diff in the 6 heat.
  15. 6.5BR

    Timney 512 vs old style trigger for 700

    Feedback? I am looking to replace a trigger, is the Timney a better way?
  16. 6.5BR

    Anyone own/ed a Wby Vanguard Varmint Special in 308?

    Wondering how it shoots. Vanguard® Series 2 Varmint Special |
  17. 6.5BR

    Best reamer specs for 6.5x47 Lapua anyone?

    I know there are different spec'ed ones, assume most use for 123-130s.. What's the latest concensus for Freebore? What neck diameter for a no neck turn?
  18. 6.5BR

    7mm choice in an SA - 7-08, 708AI, or 284 ???

    Although a hardcore 6.5 fan, this project will be a dedicated 7mm SA build so no need debating using a long action for a 284. Below has been decided: Action - will be a Borden Alpine SA in .473 face Barrel will be 20-21" Light Palma or Varmint/Sendero Contour, OR a 22-23" in a #3 Sporter...
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    Muzzle blast in a 20" - 260 vs 6.5x47, anyone?

    Has Anyone shot them side by side or owned both in short bbls? Noticeable decrease in the 47...or not?
  20. 6.5BR

    6.5mm Barrel wanted....

    See ad thanks.