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  1. Woodlanddude

    Ahhhh what, more deals with the Taliban?

    Bump to keep the treasonous handover of the world by this administration at the forefront.
  2. Woodlanddude

    Comment period for Pistol Braces ends tonight!

    The anti gun lobby has already declared victory because our side failed to show up. Comment or own it.
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    Meanwhile, and this likely deserves its own thread. Now that terrorists have a new home and weapons in the stan' we are going to let loose the worst of the worst to go back to trying to kill us: Worse yet, how many US military...
  4. Woodlanddude

    Snaked by Primary Arms

    I believe I have over a dozen transactions with Primary arms. Every time thus far has went problem free. Not giving them reasonable time to react = bad form.
  5. Woodlanddude

    How long can Manchin hold out?

    Not his state. He is no Sen. Byrd. He wants to be POTUS. Promises Promises.
  6. Woodlanddude

    Richmond VA?

    Deer ticks are a real threat. You cannot see the mites on you. Learn that you will need to work in permethrin treated clothing and save yourself the trouble of Lyme disease! Spray at least 40% DEET on untreated areas. Less is BBQ sauce. The I-81 corridor is hot with it due to lack of deer...
  7. Woodlanddude

    How long can Manchin hold out?

    Never forget the "nobody needs more than 3 rounds to deer hunt" era Joe Manchin. Joe learned and understands the contract with WV so far since then. HOWEVER, he would throw the whole state under the bus for a run at the office of POTUS. He needs to be smart enough to realize he will be left...
  8. Woodlanddude

    ATF's Proposed Rule posted with no announcement/not listed

    They still have included the "we know it if we see it" catch phrase that allows them to declare any otherwise legal ar pistol an SBR at will at the top of the proposed worksheet. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT LEGAL FOR LE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM IN THE USA? In other words if our arbitrary standards...
  9. Woodlanddude

    ATF's Proposed Rule posted with no announcement/not listed

    Found this looking for information on Biden's ordered further constitutional infringements on AR Pistols: Still reading, but it appears having any sort of sight at all puts you half way to sbr...
  10. Woodlanddude

    New ATF definition of firearm

    It needs to be shitcanned, like the illegal lawmaking it is, but there is nothing explicit on re-defining an AR receiver in THIS rule from my reading of it. What is coming next from Blieden's EO will have that. However, working in Environmental, I can tell you that how laws read are NOT always...
  11. Woodlanddude

    New ATF definition of firearm

    The m-855 reclassification as armor piercing was shot down by overwhelming public comment. We need to attempt the same here. As this one is a little more confusing, I still encourage that some here in the industry or legal suggest some basic counter points to hit in everyone's dissenting comments.
  12. Woodlanddude

    New ATF definition of firearm

    Regardless, everyone needs to leave comments on this rule. It seemed to help the last round of BS. I would suggest some whom speak legalese or have industry experience post some key points we can include that will help sway this our way. I will check back tomorrow myself to see if there are...
  13. Woodlanddude

    Do you know more people that died from coco than that died from the shot?

    If your counting deaths as percentages vs known cases, you are knowingly Waaay over reporting yet again. Most people don't go to the doc when they get the flu and get better, you think its any different for this bug? We keep hearing of massive numbers of people with mild symptoms. You think...
  14. Woodlanddude

    Found some federal 55gr Sierra BTHP @ .89pr

    Just an FYI, I have purchased a few things from Recoil lately. They have shipped fast and products were as ordered in good condition.
  15. Woodlanddude

    Some of you suggested looking at .300BO vs 5.56

    Let me and my limited experience add the following. I have not seen the ability to hit small targets at 200-300 m that the 300 blk has quite produced by a PCC. They are different animals IMHO. You scope the 300 blk properly in a carbine, and it is impressive in its silent ability to hit...
  16. Woodlanddude

    What kind of spider is this?

    22 lr hp minimum, maybe 9mm # 4 snake shot. carapace might be impervious to # 9's. .410 7-1/2's in a pinch. Proper ID of spiders is method of kill.
  17. Woodlanddude

    Just scanned Gunbroker to see how crazy it was.

    I disagree in that we saw such massive price increases under Obama you have accepted what we saw under Trump as "cheap". I would say its the new cheap. Yeah, I make under $100k a year, and so admit I'm a poor. Classy hit job. That makes quite a few of us poors that can't keep a garage full...
  18. Woodlanddude

    Just scanned Gunbroker to see how crazy it was.

    So I want to know WTF is wrong with the ammunition manufacturers. With the amount of guns being purchased in the last 12 years, they have seemingly done jack and shit to put on more production lines. We have known this was coming since the Obama shortage. Not many of us have had the ability...
  19. Woodlanddude

    Moving to WVa?

    Expect to lay out some $$ for land anywhere its worthwhile. Helvetia and Davis... these are going to have the toughest winters and poorest soil for you to try to post a survival home. Helvetia is interesting due to the fact that while people were able to thrive there with the old ways. What...