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  1. atombomb

    Night Vision KAC PVS-30 v2

    so did this sell?
  2. atombomb

    Reloading Equipment Lapua 338 brass

    Lapua brass reduced to $125 plus shipping
  3. atombomb

    Reloading Equipment Lapua 338 brass

    lowered Bergers to $60
  4. atombomb

    WTB Curtis axiom WTO switch block barrels

    Looking for a 6BR and .308 barrels for my MPA rifle. Let me know what you have, and if you have any trade needs or cash value...
  5. atombomb

    Reloading Equipment Lapua 338 brass

    Cleaning out boxes of stuff from my move..... SPF.......610 DTAC 115gr 6mm, rebated, uncoated, were from the same lot, but no longer in boxes $225 shipped SPF........90 Berger 230 hybrids .308 $60 shipped, 1 was pulled after checking seating depth, couple have a little discoloration 19 New...
  6. atombomb

    Accessories AR-9 AR-15 parts acessory Tag Sale

    what's missing from the fm9 upper to make it complete?
  7. atombomb

    Accessories TBAC stuff... 338 SR brake, extensions, spikes

    I'd rather trade this for a Curtis 6BR switch lug barrel, 6.5 creed ammo, 105gr 6mm bullets, single stage press, or bipod SPF $50 for the extensions new(bipod buyer gets first dibs) $50 for the spike feet new (bipod buyer gets first dibs) SPF..............$145 shipped for the brake 3/4 x 24...
  8. atombomb

    Accessories ISO TBAC 338ba Brake

    didn't @Nightsniper have some listed recently?
  9. atombomb

    Accessories WTB - TBAC CB brake 5/8-24

    you should be able to rob the adapter from the package... only the can has to wait on the paperwork, not the accessories
  10. atombomb

    Firearms 6mm FatRat AR upper, brass, dies, FF ammo, JP, PRI

    This fits on an AR15 platform, I think you are referencing the AR10 platform
  11. atombomb

    Firearms 6mm FatRat AR upper, brass, dies, FF ammo, JP, PRI

    I bought this a couple of years ago and never got a chance to use it for varmint hunting like I wanted to. Built by Lee Wells, except I added the PRI hand guard and charging handle. JP FMOS bolt carries with Enhanced bolt, PRI hand guard with one piece top rail that integrates with the...
  12. atombomb

    SOLD sold

    I'm interested in the new brass and factory ammo if that helps
  13. atombomb

    Firearms Sold

    where are you located?
  14. atombomb

    SOLD Schmidt & Bender 12-50x56 PMII P4F F1

    are any of the 12-50 mil? or just moa?
  15. atombomb

    SOLD Fs Curtis axiom fire control

    Paypal sent