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  1. Rog2069

    Reloading Equipment South Carolina Reloading Thread

    Have: 16lbs CFE223 8lbs Titegroup 3lbs Accurate 2230 100ct Berger 6.5mm 130gr VLD target 100ct Berger 7mm 180gr Hybrid 200ct Hornady 6.5mm 123gr ELD-M 3000 CCI BR4 (pending) Need: Varget N140 H4350 Berger 105 hyb Berger 109 hyb Berger 140 hyb CCI 450 Located near Anderson. Will trade at a 1:1...
  2. Rog2069

    SOLD WTT 2 Atlas Bipods

    Would like to trade the following for a MDT Ckye PRS Short bipod with arca mount: 1. Atlas PSR with Area 419 arca clamp and barricade stop. Has rubber feet and spike feet. Purchased it new in may and have used it since so it has some wear but still in great condition. 2. Atlas BT10 with Gray...
  3. Rog2069

    SOLD US Optics and Bushnell for sale REDUCED Price

    US Optics LR17 3.2-17x44 First Focal Plane 30mm EREK / TPAL Red illumination GAP Reticle SOLD US Optics LR17 3.2-17x44 First Focal Plane 30mm EREK / TPAL Red Illumination H102 reticle SOLD Bushnell DMR 3.5-21x50 First Focal Plane 34mm G3 Illuminated model SOLD All 3 in great condition with...
  4. Rog2069

    Firearms 6.5 Grendel LOWERED

    Yhm upper and lower Noveske nxs 16.7” rail Satern 24” straight taper cut rifle barrel with matching bolt Superlative arms adjustable gas block Magpul PRS stock BCM enhanced lpk CMC 2 stage drop in trigger Raptor charging handle KAC 1 piece 30mm mount US Optics LR17 3.2-17 ffp red illuminated...
  5. Rog2069

    Reloading Equipment CFE 223

    New, unopened 8lb bottle. Looking to TRADE only, FTF near Anderson/Greenville SC. Want to trade for: Varget H4350 140 Hybrids 184 f open
  6. Rog2069

    Reloading Equipment Grendel Brass

    125pcs once fired Hornady 6.5 Grendel brass $SOLD
  7. Rog2069

    6.5x47 with 123amax??

    Anyone have any load data that led to positive results?? Have a BUNCH and would like a decent starting point on what has worked for others. Thanks
  8. Rog2069

    Member Link Up Upstate SC

    Any shooters and/or ranges with a little distance around Anderson/Clemson/Greenville area?
  9. Rog2069

    Reloading Equipment Wtb 178 amax

    As title says, lmk if y’all have any laying around you don’t need.
  10. Rog2069

    Varget, 140 hybrids and 6.5x47L

    From everything I’ve read the Berger book must be incredibly conservative. For 140 hybrids and varget the boom stops at 35.0gr as the max charge with a relatively low velocity. I’ve seen as much as 39.3gr of varget being used behind a 140gr hybrid by a friend. So I shot a 300yd ladder this...
  11. Rog2069

    Redneckbmxer gtg

    FTF meet last week, nice guy. No issues
  12. Rog2069

    hunting_fishing_addict gtg

    No issues, thanks!
  13. Rog2069

    Ktmmxracer gtg

    Brass received quick and hassle free. Thanks
  14. Rog2069

    WTB Spuhr SR3000

    As title says, like new condition only please.
  15. Rog2069

    Estes640 is gtg

    Seamless, no worries
  16. Rog2069

    WTB 6.5x47L brass - FOUND, thanks guys!

    Anyone have any they are looking to part with before I order online? Don’t need a lot, 100pcs or less is all I’ll need
  17. Rog2069

    6.5 Grendel Barrel for sale SOLD

    22” Satern/Liberty fluted 6.5 Grendel barrel and matched bolt for sale. Barrel is used, exactly 640 rounds thru it. 1/8 twist 5R NON Threaded. Can include load data to buyer if interested. Link below is exact barrel only not threaded. SOLD...
  18. Rog2069

    Wts Trijicon acog TA01 SOLD

    For sale, acog ta01 4x32 in good shape glass perfect in original mount. $SOLD delivered to lower 48. Zelle or PayPal friends and family or add 3%. Could also do usps MO and will ship when funds clear. More pics upon request
  19. Rog2069

    Suppressors Free tax stamps?

    Anyone other than silencer shop still doing free tax stamp with purchase of a can? All I see on silencer shop is the DD 3D printed which I’m not sold on so looking for other possible options.
  20. Rog2069

    TN shooter, trx498r, and bgoda3 are all GTG

    Each was the seller, smooth as glass. Thanks