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  1. XL Mammal

    Hunting & Fishing Terrapin for LR Hunting Test

    For anyone considering the Terrapin for LR hunting, I just posted a quick, unscientific review of its ability to range furry things. Located in the Sniper's Hide Observation Devices sub-forum or
  2. XL Mammal

    Terrapin for LR Hunting Test

    If you're like me, you've probably had a hard time finding any real data regarding the Terrapin's ability to range game. After getting a great deal through the group buy, I decided to finally find out for myself. Every year I'm lucky enough to hunt a ranch in Texas with some of my best...
  3. XL Mammal

    Suppressors Anyone have bad luck with a thread adapter?

    I have a TRG-22 with a Sandstorm inbound. I went with the standard threading (5/8x24), so I can swap it between rifles and plan on getting the Sako barrel chopped, anyway. I'd still like to shoot it on my TRG in the interim, but I'm hesitant to "tolerance stack" with an adapter. What's your...
  4. XL Mammal

    For The Switch Barrel Gurus

    With 2012 rapidly approaching, I'm looking to slim down my rifle inventory to one "do-all" stick that I can carry everywhere for food procurement and long-range zombie suppression. I'd like to barrel it in .243, .308, and 7 WSM. I'm planning on a Surgeon 591 WSM with Seekins WSM DBM. Here...
  5. XL Mammal

    Rifle Scopes Rangefinders: Zeiss vs. Swaro

    Alright fellas. I got tired of waiting for someone to compare the Zeiss PRF and the Swaro, so I went ahead and ordered both from gr8fuldoug (CameralandNY). First off, these were both demo units, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend others to go this route if they want to save a...