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  1. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories WTB: USO Illumination Cap and SunShade (ST-10)

    Long, long shot here. Looking for USO illumination cap and 44mm sunsade for a ST-10. Thanks.
  2. DriftinG Z32

    SOLD WTS: Remington 700 LTR .308 Win

  3. DriftinG Z32

    WTB TAB Gear PRS Sling

    Looking for a TAB PRS sling. I prefer black, but others colors aren't a deal breaker. Cobra or Fastex. QD or stud swivel. Thanks.
  4. DriftinG Z32

    WTB: Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ AB & Link

    Looking for a unit anyone might be willing to let go of on a deal. PM me please.
  5. DriftinG Z32


    I have 6 magazines total for sale as a set. Two 17 round magazines Four 19 round magazines SOLD
  6. DriftinG Z32

    Muzzle Brakes & More 4 Port Beast Brake 6.5mm

    MBM Beast brakes are great and just plain work. This particular one is stainless Steel, 1-piece, 4-port, 5/8x24 threads, 1.01" OD / 2.76" length, 6.5mm projectile. Sold.
  7. DriftinG Z32

    WTB: LH AICS 2.0 or AT Rem 700 SA or LA

    Looking for a left handed AICS 2.0 or AT chassis in Rem 700 short action or long action. Please let me know what you have and your price. Thanks!
  8. DriftinG Z32

    Ranging Reticle Spotter Help

    I'm in the market for new upgraded spotter with a ranging reticle. Spotter will be used primarily for matches and long distance plinking (1200 yards and in). Within my budget I'm looking at the Bushnell Elite Tactical Elite LMSS 8-40x60 w/ Horus H32 reticle and the Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60 w/...