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  1. Spooky68

    Fieldcraft HAM radio and a new house build

    I’m looking for some advice on wiring for a new home build to accommodate future Ham shenanigans. I still have several months before wiring and cables/ low voltage stuff is run so I need to think of a plan now. I currently am studying for my tech. I have a couple of HT’s (vhf/uhf) and was...
  2. Spooky68

    Fitness GPS watches w/music

    I’m trying to find a way to track time and distance for running, biking, and swimming. I also want to download music to the device and stream to Bluetooth ear phones. I don’t want to attach my phone to my arm/leg/ torso I was thinking some kind of watch. I don’t need pre loaded...
  3. Spooky68

    Lotto winner If I’m a 20 something and hit the big one There will be a visit from me to the best titty bar in every state.
  4. Spooky68

    Another coward.

    This time it’s at a church in Texas.
  5. Spooky68

    Rifle Scopes FFP and illumination

    Hi. Long time lurker and finally have the need for my first post. I have never had a ffp scope but the idea seems to make good sense to me. For those of you that do have them do you really lose the reticle in low power low contrast situations? Would an illuminated reticle help? I really...