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  1. Sendero_Man

    SOLD MDT CKYE POD - Picatinny mount

    MDT CKYE POD for sale. Picatinny mount, 7-13" Very Good condition, lightly filed on rail mount to fit Badger Pic rail $500 shipped to your door... USPS MO or Paypal F&F Thanks ! :)
  2. Sendero_Man

    3 for 3 with Hornady 135 Atips for 2 straight years...

    Last 2020 elk tag punched. My Wife killed her elk tonight. The 135 Atips are getting it done ~~
  3. Sendero_Man

    Firearms WTB --- looking for a S&W 351PD

    like it says, looking for a S&W 351 PD message me if ya have one, pics and price a bonus. Thanks !
  4. Sendero_Man

    Firearms *** Ruger M77 MKII SS Laminated .280 For sale**** SPF

    Ruger M77 MKII SS Laminated stock .280 for sale Wife got a 6.5 PRC and doesn't shoot this anymore. Rifle has upgraded Timney trigger installed. Have 1" and 30mm SS rings to go with it. 87 documented rounds fired thru it. Scope/sling not included. $725.00 shipped CON US No trades...
  5. Sendero_Man

    GAP 22 Creedmoor with Bartlein Carbon barrel

    Specs: GA Precision built 22 Creed on Impact AW cut action Bartlein CF barrel @22" 6.7 twist Manners EH1A in scorched earth with GEN 2 BM TT Diamond at 1 lb NF NX8 Montana Sling TBAC Ultra 7 Running 90 Atips in it :)
  6. Sendero_Man

    Optics Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42 like new!

    Great condition Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42 range finding bino's Come with factory box, instructions, mini SD card $1750 shipped to you. NO TRADES NEEDED Thanks
  7. Sendero_Man

    Firearms deleted

  8. Sendero_Man

    Shooting Hoodies and Tshirts

    We all know that guy... the groups they post on Facebook look awesome, but when it's live there is always an excuse! - "Scope's loose, I never shoot prone, my ammo is old, my wife called...." So, I had to make up this shirt / hoodie design ~~ Click on the link and check out the back ? Please...
  9. Sendero_Man

    Remington 7mm-08 ....... set up, ready to hunt with !

    For sale.... Like new, Remington 7mm-08 CDL that has less then 100 rounds fired Leupold VX2 3-9x40mm Redding dies 30 new brass nearly full box of SST bullets A little flaw / rub on finish on pistol grip as shown in pics Asking $795 for whole package, plus shipping to your FFL's address...
  10. Sendero_Man

    TT Pro Curved Diamond triggers.... BOTH SOLD

    I have two - Pro Curved Diamond triggers for sale. New in Box, they are the without bolt release models. BOTH SOLD first replies here get them. Thanks.
  11. Sendero_Man

    New in box - S&W Model 625-8 45 ACP Performance Center pistol --- SPF

    I have for sale, a New in the Box … S&W Model 625-8 45 ACP Performance Center pistol 4" barrel, Performance Center, SS, Never fired ! $900 shipped FFL to Your FFL Sold pending funds NOT looking for any Trades at this time. Thanks !
  12. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing Aimee got her bear...

    Wife got her bear again... Nice boar ! Little over 6'3" and 340 lbs. 52 yard shot with her 280 Rem. Using the 139 SST.. Double lung shot, he didn't go 100 yards.
  13. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing 21st Annual Campbell County Contest.... 4th place

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  14. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing My son got his deer...

    Went out yesterday afternoon after a good morning of calling predators and Tyler got his whitetail buck.. Great day :) Shot was 286 yards with his 223 Ackley with a 77 smk. Perfect lung shot. Buck was 18" wide This is how the day started....
  15. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing 2nd Annual 307 Speed Goat Hunt ... 6.5 SAUM Style

    Our 2nd annual Wyoming speed goat hunt was a lot of fun and successful for all ! Pat, George and Francis all got great bucks and we had a lot of fun on the hunt. First day out, my son, Tyler, and Cinch came along for extra eyes and help hauling critters in the mud. George and Francis...
  16. Sendero_Man

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce 2.5-10x42 .... This is what was missing !! :)

    Got the new NF 2.5-10x42 Compact mounted up and trying it out. What a great compact scope ! I have ran the 32mm version for years with no complaints at all. The new 42mm is loaded with great upgrades for sure.... Of course the new 42mm front objective, Side parallax adjustment, power throw...
  17. Sendero_Man

    300 WM and 190 Bergers

    looked in the depot... didn't find much anyone got good loads for the 300WM and 190 Bergers ? thanks SM
  18. Sendero_Man

    Suppressors The Day has arrived !!!

    <!--[if !mso]> <style> v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} </style> <![endif]--> <tbody> Wyoming: Bill Repealing State Prohibition of Hunting With Suppressors Takes...
  19. Sendero_Man

    Hunting & Fishing Thinking this is gonna happen to a couple !!!!

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