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  1. ta6ppc

    Cz457 MTR

    What’s the real world performance of this rifle, I have read some good glowing reviews and I have seen some down right damning reviews and folks talking about having to buy custom barrels etc.. I have also seen where folks talking about trigger adjustment and pretty much note there isn’t any...
  2. ta6ppc

    300 win mag brass

    Anyone seen any Lapua 300 win mag brass in the wild yet? I need some! had some many years ago and it was the best brass ever for the big 30..
  3. ta6ppc

    Accessories 700 SA stocks, Begara HMR stock, triggers

    I’m in DFW area, I have 2 Remington 700 stocks ADL Varmit barrel channel one was a 223 and the other a 308 will come with your choice of mag follower and 2 xmark triggers $20 each your choice plus shipping all were take offs so everything is new condition I have one Begara B14 HMR short action...
  4. ta6ppc

    Match ammo availability anyone noticed??

    I thought I would order some Midas+ or something eley makes to play with over the winter months and was sort of shocked as to what I found after an hour of searching and googling I found only 9 individual boxes (50) of Midas plus out of like 20-30 retailers.
  5. ta6ppc

    Gunsmithing Globe sight's???

    What brand should I go with for my PSS/palma style shooting rig? also I have seen these attached to the base in stead of the action what type of base is already drilled and tapped for these? I also saw a neat little mirage shield that was retractable that just simply cliped on the the front...