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  1. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Draw stroke and presentation?'s

    Arguments can be made about stance, elbow, and extension positions. In the end, I find that what is most comfortable if it works for you is important. I like strong foot back half a step to simulate a fighter's stance. But what is key is consistency. Whatever you settle on, do it the same. For...
  2. chalwie

    Movie Theater Headhunters

    Saw it on Netflix and was surprised how much I liked it. It was filmed in Norway by actors unknown to American viewers, which made the drama and violence more realistic. Less like watching celebrities acting, than a voyeuristic view of foreigners living their twisted lives. It's easy to get...
  3. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Crossbreed Holsters

    Re: Crossbreed Holsters Hands down, all day comfort from a Crossbreed. I got the horse leather and it's worth it. Forget I'm wearing it except when I sit against car seat bolster.
  4. chalwie

    Maggie’s So Blonde

    Re: So Blonde To think I put up with that when I was young for a piece of ass. I wonder how long that marriage will last.
  5. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns ammo and ethics

    Re: ammo and ethics Karma. Just ship it back no matter how long it takes for them to get back. It sounds like they have great CS, treated you with care. You should do the same.
  6. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Plug for Walthers

    Re: Plug for Walthers Agreed, it's the best trigger on a plastic gun that I've used. Bought my P99C 9 years ago and it never failed with factory and S&W mags. It has failed on the extended higher capacity after-market magazines regularly, which I only use on the range. Short trigger reset...
  7. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns I / my wife needs better kitchen knives.

    Re: I / my wife needs better kitchen knives. Dexter 8-inch cleaver. I have lots of expensive knives and this is the most used in the last 8 years. Best $45 you'll ever spend. Dexter 8 inch cleaver Use any old steel once weekly to keep it razor sharp.
  8. chalwie

    Movie Theater What one man does while outnumbered...........

    Re: What one man does while outnumbered........... <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Originally Posted By: Sled Dog There has been discussions with Portman to reprise her role as Mathilda in a sequel. It hasn't gone anywhere though...
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    Movie Theater skyfall

    Re: skyfall <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Boss took the entire company to see the movie yesterday at 1:30. 80 some tickets. I went because it was a company activity and a free movie.</div></div> Wow, you must work for the...
  10. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Which "carry" handgun to choose

    Re: Which "carry" handgun to choose The 1911 is a great full size gun, but I don't have confidence in it for CCW. Unreliable feeding of hollow points and snappy recoil is problematic in light-weight shorter versions. The HK45c has the same controls as a 1911 and reliability of pastic; it is...
  11. chalwie

    Suppressors 45 host

    Re: 45 host I have the HK 45 USP, 45 USPc, and 45c. The HK45c has the best ergonomics, and is the one I shoot the most.
  12. chalwie

    Suppressors Form 5320.20

    Re: Form 5320.20 Don't forget if your SBR is in a trust, put only the trust name in line 1. Your name should not show up there. I learned when they sent my form back for that correction. The department is surprisingly pleasant to work with.
  13. chalwie

    FGGM 175 out of OBR 16 inch

    I'm planning to shoot Federal Gold Medal Match 175 BTHP commercial ammo out of my 16 inch OBR this weekend at a 700 yard range. Has anyone chrono'ed the muzzle velocity to save me some time calculating ballistics? Thanks. (I hear there are some Larue haters. I'd appreciate if you don't screw up...
  14. chalwie

    Sidearms & Scatterguns If you could only have one...

    Re: If you could only have one... HK45C.
  15. chalwie

    Movie Theater good day all!

    Re: good day all! Saving Private Ryan, just after killing Vin Diesel character.
  16. chalwie

    Member Link Up Atlanta Ranges?

    Re: Atlanta Ranges? 1. Creekside is the only outdoor range within 1 hour of Atlanta central that goes out to 500, is public, and does not require a membership. Problem is the 500 range only opens on Wednesday evenings. Otherwise, it has only 100 yds on other days. Owner is a cranky...
  17. chalwie

    Movie Theater Severe Clear

    Available on Netflix. Documentary shot with home video camera by Marine Lt. during 2003 Iraq invasion. I liked it much better than the dozen other modern combat documentaries; raw footage gives more visceral feeling, no depressing liberal message, and story strewn together with map commentary...
  18. chalwie

    Suppressors AAC 51T Muzzle Brake, 7.62

    Re: AAC 51T Muzzle Brake, 7.62 How much are you guys paying for the brakes? Same situation here, SDN6 came in and I ordered one from my FFL. The smith who installed it charged $200 a piece. For two: OBR and 6.8 PSD, I dropped $400. Seemed excessive; should have checked prices before ordering...
  19. chalwie

    Movie Theater Bourne Legacy

    Re: Bourne Legacy The change in line-up is refreshing. I can't stand commie liberals that take on big Hollywood roles, and hate the guns they wield in the movie. Matt Damon: stick with your causes and leave the action roles to guys that own it.
  20. chalwie

    Movie Theater "Sensative" movies that don't suck

    Re: "Sensative" movies that don't suck Rain Man Dark Blue World (Czech flick) Cinema Paradiso My Left Foot Last of the Mohicans