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    Arizona Being Arizona: “Have you ever had an STD” 😂🤣😂

    Ask a stupid question…..
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    Need help: 243AI / 95gn Berger Hunter Load Data

    Does anyone have load data on the 95gn Berger Classic Hunter for the 243AI? I’d like to run RL22 / RL17 if possible but I’ll take any load data help w this combo.
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    Real or Fake? Hornady pleading w employees to vax?

    I’m sure someone can speak to this. I received a msg from a friend. It was this picture. Makes me wonder a lot of things. seems to indicate record sales and a need to comply w .gov mandates. so I’m asking… this real and if so how will this impact ammo availability?
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    Curious….anyone say fuck it and quit?

    I keep hearing how folks are quitting but are they walking away or just getting a new job elsewhere. I’m not independently wealthy and have strong leadership. I’m in for the long haul as I believe in what I’m doing and those around me. made the poll anonymous so your co workers won’t know you...
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    The MOST trans-parent AdMiNiStRaTiOn EVER

    Transparent in their blatant disregard for conflicts of interest. But I’m sure they wouldn’t use this to enrich their own lives. For when it’s cleansed from the interwebs
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    Preferred Pronoun “Call my children King and Queen, call me MASTER” 😂🤣😂

    Immigrant dad taking it to then next level. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ummmm excuse you, you can refer to me as “Daddy” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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    Prohibited Possessor Security Guard PewPew’s Non Mask/Fear’d for life 🤦‍♂️
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    🕋 The Scarlet Wristband (Army Now Requiring Red Carnival Ride Wristband for Unvax’d ☪️

    First off, Army Sucks and……
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    Vax Cards to Restaurant and Work but Voter ID is racist?

    You read the title. Rant away…..
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    20,000 Americans chilling in Afghanistan 🤨

    So I read about 100 radio employees. I figure they were churning out US Propaganda. what is everyone else doing? Am I missing something?
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    The Law Enforcement We Deserve

    Okay if you animas turn this into something it’s not HMFIC will nuke it and prob you too. this isn’t about bashing bad cops, it’s about displaying GOOD cops. I’ll start. This man deserves respect, the good cop. No need to comment on the other. If you don’t know how to respond but you like...
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    It’s that time of year again, when dogs and veterans bark all night

    With Colonial Trader Day approaching I’m curious what works BEST to keep my dog calm on the 4th (and leading up as well as a few days after) I think she’s a veteran because fireworks get her all loud like she’s going to kick some ass but all she does is annoy me with her “Home me back bro”...
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    H.R. 3740 Fed License to own a Handgun 🤦‍♂️🖕

    Because firearm ownership is a privilege it says so in the bill of privileges. You know the thing right before the bill of feelings.
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    My WTF car dealership moments of the week

    Like many of you I worked through the PaNdEmIc so I don’t REALLY know what’s real and what’s not real. Had to run to a local Toyota Stealership cause I needed a part, and I like to buy factory stuff. I SERIOUSLY thought it was only Ferd and Cheby suffering the “Chip Shortage.” The local Toyota...
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    Movie Theater 💡seeking sage advice, taking a lady to a movie tonight💡

    When taking a proper lady to a film, do you ask the popcorn jockey to cut a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket or is that something you do in the theater? I don’t want to be fiddling in the dark w a knife or razor blade. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    🔥 RoAsT Me 🔥

    I actually shoot this rifle. $54 R770 and a $50 rebate. Can you believe loading the bipod broke my plastic stud. Let’s hear it. let’s see if rich guys are as funny as they think they are
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    NRA was created to protect FREE’d Slaves

    We’ll admittedly im not well versed in the NRA? Why? Cause fuck them that’s why. I did find this interesting……
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    The “Ive been vaccinated” hospital

    Ever notice how hospital employees always have 5 other Cards attaches to their employee ID? The newest Card I’ve seen is one that protrudes below the employee ID that reads “I’ve been vaccinated” Will they add a sticker later that reads, “I got the flu shot”? What a ride it’s been.
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    ⚠️Ghislaine Maxwell pleads Not Guilty, trial is supposed to begin soon. ⚠️

    They try hard to hide this while airing the trial about the cop. I’d like to know the extent of her involvement and who else played the game. The Crown will step in to protect their pedophile but I hope she tells all in an effort to save herself.
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    Oakley SI 45-70% off SI Pricing today 4/23/2021

    Hey guys. Saw Oakley was having a 45% off SI pricing today. Just thought I’d share.