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  1. SquarePizza

    Replacement for leupold mk4 8.5-25?

    I never had a problem with my leupy mk4 8.5-25 when I was just shooting on my belly, but once I started PRS I found the eyebox was too picky and I would prefer a thicker reticle. So my goal is to sell the scope and use the funds to buy something else. The down side is this once $1800 scope is...
  2. SquarePizza

    vintage simmons spotting scope

    Been on the hunt for an older vintage Japanese made spotting scope, I've been pretty stingy so I have passed up a few Bushnell spacemasters that I should have thrown a few more bucks at. Don't judge... it fits the theme with many of my bolt guns, most are old enough to be drilled and tapped for...
  3. SquarePizza

    Does a radiused shoulder degrade accuracy?

    With all of the 6br style wildcats out there (like a 6gt or 6mm dasher, etc) that use a short case, and seem to just play with body length and shoulder angle, I have never seen anyone use a radius type shoulder similar to a weatherby cartridge. Does the rounder shoulder degrade potential...
  4. SquarePizza

    Original USO model list

    I miss my old st-10 and lately I've been thinking about looking for another USO scope. The problem is that I don't remember a lot of the old model numbers, so it's hard to search for them without pulling up all the new stuff. For example I remember the original USO battle club, the massive 25x...
  5. SquarePizza

    Any october PRS in the north east?

    So fate didn't work out for me, Sheepdog happened on my duty weekend, and NY Precision on sept 25th is now out for me after a family member got hurt and needs me to take up the slack in their business. I'm not ready for my PRS season to end, does anyone know of any PRS events during October in...
  6. SquarePizza

    One rifle: how to manage with an M24?

    After experiencing mag issues in PRS, I've been rethinking the rifle I would take to a "one rifle" class. I've always wanted to attend a class like the one thunder ranch did a few years ago, challenging people to bring only one rifle for shots ranging from 25 to 600 yards. Living in a ban state...
  7. SquarePizza

    Why do some eye boxes seem picky?

    Maybe this is a dumb question that exposes some of my rifles as not being set up right... But I will ask anyways. Why do some eye boxes seem harder to get a clear shadow free image than other scopes? For example I have two leupold mk4s. One is a fixed 10x that you can literally throw your face...
  8. SquarePizza

    PRS with internal mag

    Just a quick question. Has anyone tried to run an internal mag for a prs style match? If so, how did you manage your ammo/reloading? Do you "load and make ready" before the timer, like in idpa, or do you have to load after the timer starts? I am packing for sheepdog tomorrow and I am running...
  9. SquarePizza

    Night shooting suggestions for a poor

    I've been dealing with a heavier predator problem than I've dealt with before. I've always had heavy coyote populations around me but they have never bothered my animals. Neighbors hunted them off aggressively last year and now the foxes moved in. Those little shits are making nightly runs on...
  10. SquarePizza

    Fixing strelok dope

    I've been using strelok for years and usually it's fairly spot on with multiple rifles. Today the data for my rifle was 3" high at 300, and off enough to cause a miss at 500. The 500 yard shots were at a treeline so I was not able to spot the impacts. While it could have been me, the 100 zero...
  11. SquarePizza

    Howa mini HB profile

    Going to be ordering a howage barrel in 6.5 grendel for my wife's mini to replace the factory pencil barrel. It fouls horribly after 25ish rounds. My question is, what do you think the barrel profile is for the stock howa mini HB? The reason I am trying to get close to it is because we are...
  12. SquarePizza

    Help preparing for first PRS event (Sheepdog)

    tl;dr: What do I need to bring to my first match, and what to do on arrival? Its been a long time since I've focused on my rifles. Since the day my wife told me I was going to be a daddy, I lost the bug to collect guns and instead enjoy the ones I have. I started shooting IDPA monthly with my...
  13. SquarePizza

    Reloading Equipment New York swap meet

    Might as well get things going for NY. I have 7mm mag brass and some loaded ammo. Maybe 100 pieces of 35 Remington brass. Some 10mm brass, not sure how much. I could count it if someone is interested. Guessing a at least a hundred.
  14. SquarePizza

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell Forge 1-8x30 dimensions?

    Odd question but does anyone know the length of the scope body between the eye and ocular bells? I think I am going to go this route, but I can't find dimensions. Finding a scope with a long enough body for a magnum action is a pain.
  15. SquarePizza

    Rifle Scopes Budget 1-x for hunting?

    Looking for a lpvo in the 1-x range to throw on a light 300mag for hunting. Primary concerns are recoil durability, low light clarity, and illuminated. Trying to stay under $500. With my first child a few months away I am trying to finish off a few rifles in the safe. I have Sporter weight...
  16. SquarePizza

    Rifle Scopes Talos on a 300mag?

    Anyone tried a talos on a heavy recoiling rifle? I see a few old thread asking but everyone has them on low impact rifles. Long story: I have a Sporter 300mag. Used to have a Leupold vx III on it but it got ripped off for the wife's hunting rifle. I tossed a Burris fullfield 2-7 on it but it's...
  17. SquarePizza

    M24 weapon system - Where did they carry the extra ammo?

    I ended up lowballing and winning a remington 700 with an internal mag. This is my first precision rifle that is not mag fed, and this got me thinking about how ammunition access was handled before we had DBM and 10 round mags. The teams equipped with the M24 SWS were expected to carry 100...
  18. SquarePizza

    6mmBR hard chambering problem

    So I have an issue that I have never dealt with before. I have a winchester m70 push feed with in 6BR with a no-turn neck. New factory lapua brass loads up and runs great, even after it is reloaded a few times. Over the years I scored a few auction lots of older once fired lapua brass and I've...
  19. SquarePizza

    Night Vision Help selecting budget optics for hog hunt

    So I will admit, this is my first time hunting hogs because they are not in my state. I'm a deer, groundhog and squirrel guy normally. Now I have a hunt coming up in a few weeks and I am playing catch up. Please school me on night time optics for hunting hogs. I figured I would just be able to...
  20. SquarePizza

    Savage prairie hunter 224V questions

    Does anyone have any experience with these rifles? On paper this rifle looks just about perfect for my wife. Decent street price, the stock spacer can reduce the LOP for her, and lower recoil while still handling a higher BC bullet for the distances that we can shoot on our land. However...