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  1. Hueyguy

    Navy Service

    Looking for some wisdom: A neighbor's nephew took his ASVAB and did very well, and was offered a slot in the nuc program(enlisted). Since I am an old Marine he asked me what I know, which is zero. I imparted some thoughts about military life in general, and life aboard ships, but that's about...
  2. Hueyguy

    New Supergun

    OK, stop practicing, reloading, buying top-line gear. You won't need it. 'Smart Rifle' Begins Shipping to Gun Owners This Week I know, combine the yahoo idiots with ABC and you get what you deserve by spending any time there anyway, but it caught my eye, so I read it. I especially like the 3...
  3. Hueyguy

    Maggie’s Jagermeister Ad

    Please, somebody help! Jager commercial shows 6 guys at the table, who are they? I got (left to right) Keyshawn Johnson, then?, then Kerry King, Freddie Roach, then? and then? I've seen the faces but can't place them. Help! You can see the pics @ Facebook, Jagermeister USA. They just inducted...
  4. Hueyguy

    Wrestling eliminated from Olympics

    This is just freaking pathetic. One of the only sports originally practiced by the Greeks, is going to be removed from the Games, but some of the silliest activities loosely referred to as sports will remain. Fill in your favorite target here- mine is rythmic gymnastics.
  5. Hueyguy

    Former LEO gone crazy in SoCal

    Some dude fired from LAPD in 09 running around shooting the people responsible for his termination, and some of their family members. I refuse to print his name, but it's all over the news. So, I think we should take all weapons from law enforcement, present, former, and retired. Give them a...
  6. Hueyguy

    Rifle Scopes New Nightforce "B.E.A.S.T." & ATACR

    Checking out the NF website, the cat's out of the bag- 2 new scopes, both 5-25, one ea FFP/SFP, Beast is F1 w/serious upgrades. Any word on prices, anybody?