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  1. FuhQ

    Rifle Scopes Arken SH4 Gen2 6-24x50 VPR MIL

    *** Alright... Let's try this one more time... Maybe they have gotten it out of their system, and this time folks can be mature about this and act civil, and not accuse people of "shilling", and start hating on what other people spend their own personal money on. *** *** I am not sponsored...
  2. FuhQ

    Christensen Arms Ranger 22

    Well… Got off work early, and drove to the local outdoor store… That’s always a mistake. Like going to the grocery store hungry. 🤣 All the guns, all these years, I’ve never personally owned a bolt-action .22LR… Dad has a few, but I’ve never had one. Well, I figured now that I have my Dead...
  3. FuhQ

    Suppressors ***NEW*** Dead Air Nomad-LT vs. Sandman-S on 14.5" 5.56 NATO.

    New video is up comparing the sound of the Sandman-S and Nomad-LT on a 14.5" 5.56 NATO.
  4. FuhQ

    Suppressors *** NEW *** Dead Air Sandman-S vs. Nomad-LT on .300 BLK w/ 220 Subs

    Hopefully this video helps some folks who are trying to decide which can to get. It's not perfect, nor am I the best at anything, but I'm doing what I can, with what I got. And that's more to say than a lot of folks out there these days... If you like what you see... Please go to the video...
  5. FuhQ

    Suppressors ***NEW*** Dead Air Nomad-LT (Titanium)

    Here's a short (first) video of the new Dead Air Nomad-LT on my Remington 700 5R Magpul in .260 Rem. The video doesn't do it justice how quiet this suppressor is, and how good the tone is. It will blow your mind...Especially with subsonic ammo in a .300 BLK, and with subsonic .308 Win ammo in...
  6. FuhQ

    Anyone Need a Good Laugh?

    Feel free to add more funny or stupid gun stuff you see on the internet in here. We need a good humor thread here on the forum... This is epically funny, and shows just how stupid, ridiculous, and narrowly-ambiguous most of the NFA laws really are... Honestly, it's way beyond time to repeal...
  7. FuhQ

    Suppressors "The Mute"

    Anyone seen or heard about this? Supposedly it's a 119db 5.56 can with a 5" minimum barrel length restriction...For $599... They also have a 9mm and .22LR can. Anyone know if this is legit? Website link: