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    SOLD WTS: Vortex Radian Tripod w/ ballhead

    I have purchased a similar item from Cometchaser, he is standup and items are as described.
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    Reloading Equipment Cci 450s available in Brownells

    Thanks got 2.... They must have a ton of em!
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    Precision Rifle Gear New Caldwell Radar Chronograph "VelociRadar" (LabRadar competitor?)

    I was thinking about it the other day too, I haven't seen anything.
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    Accessories WTB - HLR Origin 1.50" Recoil Lug

    I have one shoot me a pm
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    Optics NightForce NX8 C622

    I will take it per our PM.
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    Did something happen to the 6.5Guys Website?

    From their FB page. I really miss their content! Folks, I'd like to give you all a quick update regarding our whereabouts. Long story short, Steve and I are still on the right side of the dirt. I, unfortunately, have been dealing with a life altering set of circumstances that have prevented...
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    What would you want for just the ball head?
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    SOLD WTS Radian Tripod w/ ball and leveling heads $650 price drop

    I would be interested in just the ball head if you wanna separate.
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    WTB 7 SAUM TL3/Origin Shouldered prefit

    Thanks; but I am looking for Short Action.
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    Hoplite Arms

    Desert Tech did that right?!
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    WTB 7 SAUM TL3/Origin Shouldered prefit

    I am looking for a TL3/Origin Prefit. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    Ammo IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP!!! .223 Rem and MAGPUL PMAGs

    Do you have a link to the email list sign up? I created and account, but didn't see anything about the email list. Thanks!
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    Hoplite Arms

    @ waveslayer Sell your DTA back to me when you get your Hoplite!
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    Accessories Viper Barrel Vise

    Order placed, thanks.
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    Where to buy a Bighorn Action wrench?!

    Order placed, thanks!
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    Where to buy a Bighorn Action wrench?!

    Thanks, I will likely crash your site with my frequent checking :)
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    Where to buy a Bighorn Action wrench?!

    Yeah I was just about to pull the trigger on the SAC one and saw that the ejector had to be removed, one extra thing I don't wanna mess with.