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    Spikes T1 With TUBB spring?

    I know this will be an easy one for the AR gurus. What I had in mind for the next build is a SYRAC adjustable gas block so I could more or less tune the gas system. It will be on a BCM 16 inch mid length with a PWS FSC comp. What Im wondering is has anybody tried the Spikes T1 buffer with the...

    AK-47 Gurus, Need some help!

    A buddy of mine showed me an AK 47 Ive never seen before. Granted I'm not real AK savvy this one was a "Hunter Edition?". It had a regular rifle style stock on it and no pistol grip. The rear of the reciever was slanted not flat. It had 290 or 390 "I forgot the exact#" stamped in a circle on the...

    Forster bench priming tool- Any Count?

    Ive been looking at getting the Forster bench priming tool to add to my collection of reloading crap, cause Im gonna gear up to load for .223/45acp/38special. Ive already got a Siclair priming tool for loading for the bolt rifle but I aint gonna be near as picky about the new calibers that Im...

    Suppressors Hi-Viz Sights for Glock

    Ive been working at getting decent with my new G21SF and I am having a hard time picking up the front sight post in any sort of rapid fire. Ive looked at Novak's fiber optic, Meprolight and Trijicon's web sites and the Novaks look to be the brightest but I aint sure if they are tough or not. Has...

    All in one AR - need advice

    I am trying to take maximum advantage of the fact that you can just swap uppers on an AR15 and have a whole different animal. Ive got the standard 5.56 setup but I aint sure which would be a wise choice for another upper of a different caliber for the occasional 1000yd shot or when more...

    Rifle Scopes USO SPOTTER & EYE RELIEF?

    Ive been playing around with my new USO spotter and the eye relief on this thing is not like any other spotting scope I have ever used. It might be me but it seems like you have to hold your head about 3-4 inches behind the scope and perfectly centered or you wont get squat for a sight picture...

    Range Report Density Altitude how-to, I got this right?

    I have been searching/reading about making drop cards with DA, and I have made myself a "Barney style" checklist to work some up. I need to know if I an missing something before I get started. I dont have any sort of PDA, but I do have a kestrel, thats why I am interested in making these drop...

    BUIS not jeehawing, could use some help.

    I ended up with an m4 clone type rifle- "16 barrel, flattop etc. It has a set of yankee hill flip ups on it and at 25yds it shoots approx 2 feet low. Ive got the front post all the way down and the rear doesnt have an elevation adj. Ive searched around but I am wondering is there a shorter front...

    Suppressors Knife blade grind/profile question

    I was checking out Striders website and saw how many different blade grinds and profiles there were "such as flat grind, 3/4 grind, drop point, spear point" Is one inherently better than another for everyday carry/poking/gouging/cutting and such as that?