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    Which AR to buy?

    If I could only keep one AR it would be the KAC LPR
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    Reloading Equipment WTB .284 ELD-X Bullets. Have cash and trades.

    I have a bunch of 162 eldx if it helps you out
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    Gunsmith etiquette

    ^^^^^^^^^ That’s funny
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns 22 Pistol?

    I have at least 50 22 pistols. The 41s and the high standards are my favorite as long as you have ammo they like. The pistol i shot the most is a volquartsen, way more accurate and refined than a ruger and will eat anything
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    Tangent Theta Glass

    I have the TT 5-25 and it is great, my last hunting rifle is topped with a Swarovski x5 and I have been really impressed with low light clarity
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    Question on scope evolution

    Thank you @koshkin exactly the info I was after
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    Question on scope evolution

    Would a new vortex be on par with an older S&B?
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    Question on scope evolution

    I would assume scopes like everything else get better every year due to technology. With that said how would say a 10-15 year old SBII compare to a new model or even a lower model such as a vortex? Curious as to your thoughts
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    Reset zero stop on Tango 6

    Thanks for the help, I must be doing something wrong. I have set the zero stop before but now I need to reset it lower and go below zero. I cannot seem to make that happen
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    Reset zero stop on Tango 6

    Help on how to reset is appreciated thanks
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    Reloading Equipment WTT: 2lbs H4350 for a good .223 powder AZ

    I may be able to help you out, and I live by Cowtown. Pm what you are looking for
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    Firearms Sig MPX-K package. Bad fucking bitch

    Dis the mags with the TTI extensions sell?
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    P320 X5

    Love em, add a Gray trigger and it is hard to beat
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    Favorite Multi-tool

    I like the MUT
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    Word Association Game

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    Are there any Geissele Mark 5s left on the planet?

    Scottsdale gun club has them they have a website SGC global I think
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    Shooting Glasses

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    Canik pistols any good?

    Very good