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  1. WillHugh

    Rimfire WTB CZ 455 Manners Stock

    Looking to buy a Manners or McMillan stock for my CZ 455 tacticool. Let me know if you have something available. Will
  2. WillHugh

    SOLD MDT ACC Chassis

    Have for sale a MDT ACC chassis (R700 right hand). Comes with two weight sets, bag rider, SAP two round holder, and OBI grip. Mag well and arca rail show signs of use, but otherwise in nice condition. This came on a build I purchased and am switching to a Manners stock. Looking for $1,100...
  3. WillHugh

    SOLD Norotos AKA2 Dovetail Mount

    Have for sale a Norotos AKA2 dovetail mount. Will come with the bayonet receiver as well. Mount is in excellent condition and locks up better than any of the Wilcox G24s I've used over the years. This mount, plus the dual dovetail adapter, is in my opinion one of the best ways to run a PVS-14...
  4. WillHugh

    SOLD Want to buy Manners PRS-TCS

    Looking for a Manners PRS-TCS for my new 6mm Dasher. Not particular on color. I have an MDT ACC I'll be looking to get rid of once I have the stock - if anyone's interested in a trade let me know. Thanks Will
  5. WillHugh

    Spotters Help me spend $ on binoculars

    Howdy - need assistance picking out a set of binoculars. I've read up on here and other forums, but don't have an opportunity to try before buying, and am inexperienced with optics that don't let me see in the dark or mount to a rifle. Intended use will be scouting targets and spotting trace and...
  6. WillHugh

    WTB Want to buy Knights SR-25 APC

    Looking to buy an SR-25 APC. I have notifications setup on all the usual sites, and they seem to be trickling back into stock, but figured someone here might have one they're looking to let go of. To sweeten the deal, I have a factory sealed 1,000 round box of 220 grain .300 blackout...
  7. WillHugh

    SOLD Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II Rail

    Have for sale a like new Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II rail, in black. Went to the range a couple of times, but otherwise has been sitting in my basement. Will come with the original box, ladder rail panels, and all hardware. I unfortunately don't have a wrench for it, but I believe they can be...
  8. WillHugh

    WTB WTB .223 Barreled Action - have .300 BO subs FT

    Looking to buy a .223 barreled action to set up a trainer/ easy rifle for my girlfriend to shoot. Ideally looking for a custom action (not picky - Stiller, Surgeon, Defiance, etc.) with a 16" barrel, but am open to whatever's available. I have a factory sealed 1,000 round case of .300 blackout...
  9. WillHugh

    SOLD PVS-15 Goggles

    Do you dream of owning the night?? Here's your chance to get a sweet pair of SOCOM approved PVS-15 goggles with zero lead time. I picked these up a year ago and am having a hard time parting with them, but can't justify keeping two pairs of goggles for the occasional time I can get the...
  10. WillHugh

    Optics Hunting Scopes

    Have for sale several hunting scopes. All in like new condition. Left: Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44, very good condition, mounted on rifle for 20rds. SOLD Middle: Nikon Monarch 3, 4-16x42 bdc reticle, very good condition, never mounted. 350 Right: Nikon Monarch 3, 3-12x42 bdc reticle, very...
  11. WillHugh

    SOLD XLR Element - Tikka SA

    Have for sale a lightly used gen 1 XLR Element for a short action Tikka. Chassis has approximately 100 rounds on it. Some light handling marks, but overall excellent condition. Has two 4" picatinny rails added. $475 shipped.
  12. WillHugh

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6.5 dies

    Hi - looking for a set of 6.5 creedmore dies. Built a new rifle during the summer and have been hand loading on a buddies setup. Apparently I didn't get the memo that people are panic buying precision rifle dies, and now can't find anything (fortunately have plenty of components). Ultimately...
  13. WillHugh


    I have for sale a like new hand-select TNVC PVS-14. ITT Pinacle omni 8. Purchased new in the spring of 2018, approximately 30 hours of run time. I ended up with a set of goggles shortly after this, so it has been used primarily for taking photos and videos. Nice clean tube, signal to noise of 28...
  14. WillHugh

    Accessories WTB Stripped Upper

    Looking for a BCM, Colt, or other quality upper receiver. Gave my last one to a buddy 6 months ago, and now that I have the bug to build a .22 upper they're nowhere to be found. Let me know if you have something you're looking to get rid of. - Will
  15. WillHugh

    Accessories WTB Badger IMUNS-C

    Looking to buy a Badger Ordnance IMUNS-C for my AI chassis. Please let me know if you have one you're looking to get rid of. Will
  16. WillHugh

    Accessories Sig MPX/MCX Brace

    Hi - I have for sale a brace for a Sig mpx or mcx. In like new condition - was used very little as I ended up going the sbr route. $120 shipped.
  17. WillHugh

    Accessories Geissele 30mm mount SOLD

    Hi - I have for sale a black Geissele 30mm mount. Zero moa cant, excellent condition. $250 shipped.
  18. WillHugh

    Accessories FOUND WTB Geissele r700 trigger

    Looking for a Geissele r700 two stage trigger. Let me know what you have! Will
  19. WillHugh

    Night Vision BNVD 1531

    Curious if anyone here has experience with the L3 BNVD 1531 yet. I believe these are still mil/LE only, but figure some of you may have used them in a professional setting, or know someone with a set (TNVC?). From reading the specs they look to be a pvs-31 with improvements on things people...
  20. WillHugh

    Accessories Geissele 30mm mount ddc SOLD

    Hi - have an unused 30mm Geissele mount for sale, in desert dirt color. Purchased this a couple of years ago but ended up going in a different direction, so she needs a new home. This is the 20 moa model. $250 shipped. The color is much darker than it shows in this picture. - Will