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    Optics Athlon Cronus BTR Gen 1 4.5-29

    Bronze, floating cross. Comes with lens caps and throw lever. Only blemish on the scope is a slight scuff from scope rings. Only ever mounted in a spuhr mount. $1,000 shipped

    Firearms Savage MSR 10 long range and Rem 700

    Putting up for sale the titled rifles, both in 6.5 creedmoor. Savage MSR10 Long Range 6.5 creed. At minimum, would be selling the rifle as shown but without the offset red dot or the flashlight. Round count is less than 500 and gun runs well but does not agree with being dirty and dry. This is...

    Prefit vs Gunsmith Fit Barrel

    All, Apologies if this amounts to a stupid question, truth be told I do not fully understand all the interactions that might take place between an action and a barrel. I am considering upgrading my Remingrown 700 to a Big Horn Origin action and a match barrel. My options are: (1) buy the...

    Reloading Equipment WTB Annealeez

    Looking for an Annealeez device to anneal some 6.5 cm. If you are looking to part with one, send me a PM. I seem to keep missing them when they come up FS. Thanks

    Optics WTS Vortex PST Gen ii 5-25x50 FFP EBR 7C Selling this lightly used scope with the low precision matched rings, currently attached. $850 for the pair shipped and insured.

    FL Dies Scratching the hell out of my brass.

    Best description of the issue that I can muster: I was using a Redding Deluxe die set, specifically the FL sizing die In 6.5 creedmoor, when I noticed my brass was getting scratched pretty aggressively in the same place. Upon inspection of the die, I see that there is a rust-colored spot in...

    Rifle Scopes Spuhr 4001 Cantilever?

    All, I have recently set up a rifle with a Spuhr 4001. I note that it has 5 clamping screws instead of 4 and their site describes the purpose behind this as being so the user can mount the rifle in a cantilever fashion. Can someone describe to me what they mean by this? If it means I can...

    Accessories WTB Harris HBRMS Bipod

    Need a 6-9” swivel bipod. Would like pod loc and improved feet, but show me what you have and I’ll make you an offer.

    1,000+ with 6.5 creedmoor ELDM

    Apologies if there’s something I can search for this exact topic, but I’m looking for a compilation of experiences from you all regarding shooting Hornady 140 grain ELDM out of 6.5 creedmoor and it’s limitations. Last weekend I took 2 rifles chambered in 6.5 cm out over 1,000 yards and the man...

    Accessories ALL SOLD

    SOLD Selling a Magpul Hunter stock for Remington 700 short action pattern. This will come with 3 cheek weld sizes, bottom metal for AICS style mags, and an MLOK bipod swivel mount. $190 SOLD SOLD Also selling a wooden thumb hole stock for ruger 10/22. Very comfortable and nice wood grain. $100...

    Optics WTS Bushnell Elite Tactical 1-6.5x24 SFP Illum

    Looking to sell one of these LPVO. Scope is in excellent condition. Capped turrets with BDC, SFP reticle excellent for 1x shooting and clear, japanese glass for reaching out. Looking to get $700 shipped; $775 with ADM QD mount.

    Night Vision N-Vision Halo Issue

    Last night the Halo was doing it's thing looking over the farm in the dark, when after about 2 minutes, the screen went black. No button has had any effect since. Fresh batteries have been tried and still no response from the unit. It's still well within its 5-year warranty, but I was wondering...

    Accessories WTS R700 Hogue Overmolded stock

    $120 for stock and bottom metal. $100 Came off of a r700 AAC-SD 6.5 creed.

    Accessories WTB MDT ESS Chassis Rem 700 SA

    Looking for a nice Chassis system for a Remington 700 SA, have my eye on the MDT ESS, but I’m considering others. Let me know what you have and what price you’re seeking. Thanks.

    Optics WTS Strike Eagle 5-25 mil

    Selling titled scope. It has been mounted to compare. Good to go except for a 2x2mm abrasion on underside of scope from rings. mil, EBR 7C, FFP $625

    Accessories WTB M&P 1.0 9mm Complete Slide

    Looking for one of these, let me know what you've got. Trying to keep below $200.

    Firearms SOLD

    SOLD Fantastic shooting upper from many years ago. Replaced the overzealous stag compensator with a Black Rain Ordnance comp. BCG replaced with a Rainier Arms NiB BCG. Charging handle replaced with BCM Mod 3. 18” stainless barrel with a Samson Evolution handguard. This upper is a joy but it’s...

    Firearms Nordic Components 9mm PCC - SOLD

    RIFLE IS SOLD For sale is a lightly used Nordic Components “NCPCC” in 9mm. It has the Glock magazine mag well. Barrel length is 16 inches, MLOK Handguard, beautiful finish on the BCG, Magpul and MFT furniture. Very solid rifle, stock trigger. I’ve put less than 500 rounds through it and decided...

    A few questions about smithing and cost

    I've got a R700 SPS that shoots well for what it is, and I'm starting to wonder about options like a brake and truing the action and maybe a more effective bolt knob. Can anyone suggest a path for me to take? I don't know of any smiths in my area who could thread my barrel/true action/add...

    Rifle Scopes New Bushnell XRS 4.5-30x50 34mm

    I'm looking to upgrade my Vortex PST 4-16x50 up to one of Bushnell's G2 reticle FFP scopes and right now my choices are between the ERS and the XRS. I've seen reviews and overviews of the ERS and so far my opinion of it is high, but I can get the XRS for not a whole lot more money and it has...