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    Reloading Equipment Florida Trading Tread

    I have some Wolf SP, but I’m also in the Port Charlotte area
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: H1000

    I’m on the gulf coast, Port Charlotte area
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: H1000

    I think I have a pound or 2, where in FL?
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    Southern Precision Rifles . Any thoughts ?

    I have 4 or is it 5? SPR built guns, Greg does outstanding work in my opinion
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    Accessories Found. Delete

    I’ve got a couple of evolutions that aren’t being used
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    Firearms *PLEASE DELETE* Moved to Left Hand Firearms Sale Forum

    Thanks, was hoping for neutral stock and release.
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    Firearms *PLEASE DELETE* Moved to Left Hand Firearms Sale Forum

    Any cast or offset on the stock, pull or release trigger?
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    243 & 115 RDF

    anybody using these in a .243? Nosler doesn't have any data, I'm looking for a starting point. Have Retumbo, H1000, 4831 and a host of other powders to use.
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    3031 in 243 Win?

    works great with 75 - 100 grainers for me, what weight bullet are you using?
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    Gunsmithing Lone Eagle Firing pin

    338 - PM sent Marine - they no longer manufacture the Lone Eagle, nor have any parts; but thanks for the effort.
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    Gunsmithing Lone Eagle Firing pin

    anyone know where to obtain one? anyone here "make" one? thank you
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    Gunsmithing is anyone making barrels for a handy rifle?

    this guy does: Custom Gunwork by David White
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    Question on RCBS neck die

    you can't bump the shoulders back with that set, get a redding body die to go along with what you have
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    Sticky Cases

    lube the inside of the necks if you are going to use that style die
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    What beam powder scale do you use?

    RCBS branded 304 gets the most use, also have a 5-0-2 & a 5-0-5
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    Tul 7.62 nato large rifle (kvb762) primers

    I've used many 1000s with no issues, just make sure to fully seat them