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    Gunsmithing Opening up a neck from tight to standard

    I have a 308 tight neck I'd like to open it up to a standard neck to use factory ammo. Any suggestions about setup would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks & God bless.
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    Accessories .30 cal Bartlien 31" fluted #13 blank

    Bartlien #13 (Remington varmint contour) 31" fluted 12 twist 5R trade for a 30 cal 10 or faster in a hunting contour Bartlien #4 or lighter to finish at 28" or more. $425 shipped if I cannot find a trade.
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    Optics Found one thanks

    Looking to get a March 2.5-25 hunting scope for a new hunting rifle build. I have a covered turret March 10-60 in the box pristine condition, all the paperwork and defuser. Thanks in advance & God bless.
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    WTB Lazeroni thumbhole stock

    Looking for a basic inlet Lazeroni thumbhole stock for a hunting rifle project. Please let me know what's possibly out there. Merry Christmas.
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    Optics SPF

    I have a Nightforce 2.5-10 x32, 30mm tube fc-2 (cqb type discontinued) reticle . Looking to trade it for the same scope in a velocity 600 or moar. The scope has no marks on it the glass is perfect, box & manual. Reason for sale or trade; I changed the farm I hunt on and the reticle no longer...
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    Benelli MR1 Looking for input

    I have aquired one in the box but do not know much about them. This being a group of informed forum members I thought I'd look for someone who has run one and get their thoughts on it's function & accuracy. I appreciate any feedback.
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    Rifle Scopes Who does turret & reticule changes on Leupold Mk4?

    I have a Mk4 that was converted before the fall out between Premier and Leupold. I need some work done to another for the reticule a finer cross hair with a tiny dot (.250") and the turrets as well changed from .5" Min. to smaller for a specific application. Leupold's custom shop does not offer...
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    6.5 X 47 Lapua pet loads

    I have one load that shoots very well but durring a course of fire at about round 30 or so the bolt lift is to heavy fo rpractical work. Tried some others nothing seems to shoot as well so I thought I'd ask to see if there is some guidance to reduce the possibilities. Primary bullet is the Norma...