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    Mark II FV Stock Build

    just wanted to show off my new Mark II FV. I was given this as a gift for Christmas and instantly began working on one of my homemade rifle stocks. These all start out as a sheet of birch plywood. Here are the links to the previous two stock builds. First build 2nd and 3rd Build I...
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    Gunsmithing Another Homemade stock build

    Well I finally built another stock from scratch. I had built one earlier in the year and planned on starting the next right away. That didn't happen, however I was wanting to have a new one built before deer season started. The build went the same way as last time. These are the only pics I...
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    Gunsmithing Homemade Wood Stock Build

    A little background… Last year I decided to tackle modifying the factory tupperware stocks on my three savages. I did this with the use of bondo and it worked pretty well. They were much more comfortable to shoot and have held up really well. Here is the one that I am replacing with the new...