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    Membership in scout

    Maybe I missed our current memberships to snipers hide auto transfer over or do we need to rejoin. And is our free membership still free on the other site or do we need to pay Do our member call signs transfer or do we need to recreate everything
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    Movie Theater joe ledger series

    if you like very well written action series, that are very easy to read, and flow and all that jazz, this is one of the best series i have ever read. fun crazy plots and twists and turns.
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    pics not loading or taking forever to load

    im having probs with loading some images out of threads. i click to open, and i have seen it take several minutes sometimes to open. sometimes it wont open at all. this is occuring on my ipad as well as my computer. i am not complaining, just giving you all a heads up...
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    Range Report hornady 155 grain factory ammo .308 info

    is anybody using these? im wondering how they shoot? thanks in advance...
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    Suppressors Suppressor or not?

    I was at the fort worth gun show this weekend and a vender there was selling these attachments that thread onto a barrel on the inside and are threaded to an oil filter on the other side. They had them for multiple calibers. They of course were marketing them as cleaning attachments for a...
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    178 amax load for 20-24" 5r 11.25 inch twist

    ive looked and looked for loads on here and there arnt that many...i was hoping peeps with this load and an 11 inch twist might share their thoughts. im hoping to get to 1100 yards with this bullet. thanks in advance
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    info on magnum research 22 wmr rifle

    I am interested in obtaining one of these for my son for his 13th birthday. if anybody here has any good info on them, good or bad, it would be appreciated... ive been going through posts here, so specifically, are these things as reliable and accurate as a 10-22? thanks in advance night eagle
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    Gunsmithing removing rattle can paint

    sorry I know this has been discussed before but I cant make the search function trying to remove rattle can paint from a scope. please advise best product and best way to use it. thanks in advance night eagle
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    5R Distributer

    question for all the FFL holders that carry remington 5r rifles. im in an argument w/ my buddy about how many acutall distributers are carrying this for the retailers. i heard its just one in the usa... any ffl holders know the answer, and also who is the distributer? thanks in advance...
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    Rifle Scopes how do you pronounce leopuld

    leo pold or loopold? night eagle
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    F T/R Competition Question about 6.5 creed more

    So I'm seeing some mention of this round and I'm curious about what it is good for. I'm a .308 shooter and it would be nice to have answers in simple enough language that a non roll my own person can understand. Thanks in advance Night eagle