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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Jack of all trades, master of none - Which Shotgun?

    Priorities are: 1: Hunting 2: Bug Out - Self/Home Defense 3: 3 Gun (I’m not a gamer - more for fun/training as opposed to being actually competitive) 4: Clays (more for fun/training as opposed to being actually competitive) The biggest factors for me are quality, reliability, simplicity, and...
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    Any argument to be made for picking up a rifle in 7.62x39?

    I am trying to limit myself. I think 9mm, 5.56, 308, 6.5CM, and 300NM cover all my bases. Any argument to be made for picking up a rifle in 7.62x39? I’ve been tempted to get rifle chambered in 7.62x39 (AK - either WASR10 or ZPAP M70, Bren 2, or Galil Ace) , but every time I get close to pulling...
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    Suppressors First Can(s)? For AR15, AR10, and multi-cal precision rifle.

    Initially, I was looking at getting a TBAC 338 Ultra (maybe SR) as I mostly shoot my bolt gun. However, I thought it might be nice to get one suppressor I can use for 3 platforms. The AR15 will be an LMT, AR10 will likely be an LMT, and the bolt will likely be an MRAD, AXMC, or AXSR. I am a...
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    Beginner Questions. MRAD vs. AI? 300NM vs. 300PRC vs. 338LM

    Short Story: (1) Which rifle? MRAD vs. AXMC vs. AXSR. Is there a downside to large firing pins, especially for the larger cartridges? I want to avoid pierced primers. (2) Which Cartridge for out to 2000yds using only factory ammo? 300NM vs. 300PRC vs. any other? What twist rate? What factory...
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    Triple C Range Rules: Under 3,000 FPS? Am I missing something?

    I was surprised to see a 3,000fps limit at Triple C‘s website ( That eliminates a lot of cartridges from shooting. Even 5.56. Seems crazy to me, am I missing something? I was looking at getting into ELR and trying to decide on a cartridge choice, but...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns G19 MOS with Holosun RDS. Which BUIS to run? Blacked-Out Sights or 3 Dot Sights?

    Would it be better to run (1) Completely blacked out (Ameriglo Suppressor Height GL-506) (2) Blacked out with nights sights (Trijicon Bright and Tough Suppressor Height Sights) (3) White 3 dot with night sights (Trijicon Bright and Tough Supressor Height Sights with white dots and night...
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    Rifle Scopes Help Me Decide: ATACR vs. PMII vs. Razor

    * What is the platform for the scope? AXSA (will eventually trade for AXMC) * What cartridges will you be shooting? 308 Win, 6.5 CM (will eventually be shooting 300NM) * What is your intended use for the scope? PRS, ELR, Hunting, Steel * What type of conditions will you typically shoot in...
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    Step-by-step guide for setting up and using Kestrel 5700?

    Can you guys tell me your step-by-step guide for using the Kestrel? I would also really like any info you have found from reliable sources (Kestrel/AB videos, Everyday Sniper podcasts I should listen to (including episode #), etc.). Maybe it would look something like this? Setting it up...
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    How should I be cleaning my precision rifle?

    Right now, the products I’m using are as follows: Cleaning Rod: Dewey Guide: Tipton Universal Bore Guide (soon to be AI bore guide) Solvent Ballistol (I currently don’t use any copper solvent) Jag, Patches, and Brush Generic Poke-style jag, Generic Patches, Generic Brush I use the cleaning...
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    PRS Talk Beginner here: Can I get DOPE on my rifle, put that in my Kestrel, and roll with that for the life of the barrel?

    I shoot factory Hornady 108gr ELDM 6mm creedmoor. Is the velocity, etc., going to be changing much throughout the life of the barrel where I need to change my dope? Do I need to find a new MV (or something?) every “X” number of rounds? I am getting into PRS club matches and I don’t want to be...
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    What are the most reliable, trust-with-your-life firearms out there?

    I tried this post in the Bear Pit first but didn’t get any serious responses so I thought I’d try it again. What are the most reliable, trust-with-your-life firearms out there? From what I’ve read it sounds like these would be some of the top contenders: Handgun: Glock 19 AR-15: Lewis Machine...
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    What is the “Glock 19” of other firearm types?

    What are the most reliable, trust-with-your-life firearms out there? From what I’ve read it sounds like these would be some of the top contenders: Handgun: Glock 19 AR-15: Lewis Machine and Tool CQB, Knights Armament Company SR-15 Mod 3 AK-47: WASR-10, Arsenal SAM7 Shotgun: Benelli M2...
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    Do I need to get a new bolt for each barrel? (beginner question)

    Recently purchased my first AR-15. With you guys’ advice I finally bit the bullet and got an LMT-CQB. If I buy another barrel for it is it best to get a bolt to go with the barrel? I heard with an AR-15 the barrel and bolt mate together?
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    What do you hope will be revealed at SHOT Show? Or 2020 in general.

    Most of mine are probably pipe dreams, but here’s my wish list: 1. Vortex releases a 1-8 LPVO to compete with the ATACR 1-8. 2. Vortex releases a Razor Gen III line that has an optional built-in HUD like the REVIC scopes and links to Kestrel/AB. 3. Accuracy International releases .223...
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    Rifle Scopes Should I buy a Razor Gen II now, or should I wait to see if Vortex releases a Gen III at SHOT?

    Trying to decide if I should invest in a Gen II Razor. If there’s a pretty strong chance of a Gen III coming out next year I’ll keep my Burris XTR II a bit longer and wait for that.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Is it worth getting a RDS for a handgun if I have an astigmatism?

    I have an astigmatism. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth getting an RDS to put on my Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS. Looking at getting either an RMR Type 2 Adjustable or a Holosun 507c. I’ve been able to look at them both and the 507c seemed to bother me less. If you have an astigmatism with a red dot how...
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    How much does lot # matter?

    I am looking at purchasing multiple cases of factory ammo (Hornady 6mm creedmoor 108gr ELD-M). Do I need to make sure the cases are the same lot # or does it make much of a difference?
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    PRS Talk 6mm creedmoor vs 6.5mm creedmoor for positional shooting?

    I currently have a 308 and as a beginner it is very difficult for me to spot my own hits/misses when shooting off barricades. I am planning to purchase a new rifle in either 6 creedmoor or 6.5 creedmoor and shoot factory ammo. I’m leaning heavily towards going 6 creedmoor because I have heard it...
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    Recommended Army and/or Air Force Recruiters (both Active and NG) in the DFW area?

    I thought that this community might have some specific connections and recommendations for recruiters in the DFW area, especially those involved in Guard units in the area. Are there any specific recruiters in the area you would recommend, or should I just go to the nearest recruiting office? I...
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    PRS Talk AI AT for PRS?

    Pros? Cons? How much of a disadvantage would it be to go with an AI AT instead of a custom rifle for PRS style competitions?