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  1. 458win

    WTB ARC M10 34mm

    Looking for American Rifle company m10 mount. 34mm standard height. 0 MOA preferred but would also accept a 20. Thought I would check before purchasing new. Thanks in advance.
  2. 458win

    Rimfire Sako quad action

    Stock is Sold. Action has DIP bolt handle and 0 MOA rail. I’ll include 10rd mag either for the 22lr or 17hmr whichever you specify. $575 shipped to ffl also open to trades. Tanned Beaver isn’t included in price but can be added.
  3. 458win

    Sako quad 40MOA rail

    Does anyone make a 40MOA rail for a Sako quad? I have the 0moa DIP and running out of elevation. However it’s the only one that comes up on my Google fu.
  4. 458win

    Rifle Scopes Anyone have problems with

    In February I ordered an NF ATACR from them. It arrived and I was not impressed, called for a RMA and they said send it back. Didn't even wonder about the refund until my credit card statement came. No credit from them was shown, I called and they said they were sorry and backlogged but the...
  5. 458win

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce UL 34 rings with Steiner 5-25 issue

    My new Steiner 5-25x56 showed up today and I played with it a good part of the morning everything worked flawless. Got to the house and mounted it on the 408CT. I was using nightforce UL 34mm 6hole rings. Well everything squared up looks great take it outside and left focus knob wont turn...WTF...
  6. 458win

    Sako quad aftermarket stocks and other parts.

    Bought a sako quad 17m2 and hate the cheap lightweight plastic stock it came with. The only replacement stock I have been able to find is a Manners and those run $500 which is more then I paid for the whole rifle. Is there any other aftermarket stocks out there built for the quad or will work...