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  1. FERNT

    Rimfire H&K MP5 .22 LR with 3 Mags

    This is a very fun gun to shoot, runs like a sewing machine! Great cheap way to train with a carbine. H&K hit a home run with these. This has a light and front grip added, along with 3 of the high capacity mags (these are worth a fortune on their own). The barrel continues through the fake...
  2. FERNT

    Accessories McMillan Stock with bottom metal

    I think they call this an A-3 Sporter stock (sorry I have too much crap to memorize). It’s got some M5 bottom metal that will come with it. This is for a Remington 700 or clones. *The photos with the barreled action are for reference only, this sale is just for the stock. I have the .308 for...
  3. FERNT

    Optics Brand New Bushnell DMR II 3-21x50 G3 Illuminated

    I have a brand new, other than me fondling it, Bushnell DMR II (Elite glass) for sale. 3.5-21x50 illuminated G3 reticle, FFP. $875 shipped to your door, add $ if you want insurance PM or text 6one6-263-7500
  4. FERNT

    Firearms Remington 700 .223 20” Threaded w/ McMillan Stock

    This is a great setup, I’ll likely regret letting go. I was planning to coyote hunt suppressed with it but ended up building a fully custom rig for the task. Remington 700 .223 LTR 20” barrel threaded with the following goodies added. -oversized bolt handle added -tuned trigger at just shy of...
  5. FERNT

    Firearms Remington 700 .308 20” Threaded | Like New

    Beautiful Remington 700 .308 for sale. Everything is factory except an added 20 MOA rail and the trigger is tuned nicely at about 2lbs. Rifle shoots very well and really liked FGMM Ammo. I’m sure it will shoot others well, I just had some to try. I only fired a handful of groups, this rifle...
  6. FERNT

    WTB 223 Action (REM 700 & Clones)

    I’m looking to build a short .223 bolt gun and need an action. PM what you have. I have cash and plenty to make trades with. Thanks Hiders
  7. FERNT

    Optics WTS/WTT Vortex 4.5-27x56 Razor Gen II | EBR7-C

    This saw about 400 rds on a .223 trainer rifle. Works as new, all the parts in the box. -EBR7-C Mil based reticle (Illuminated) -one small nick on turret cap -works flawlessly, tracked to 1k yds and back -Asking $1650 shipped Possible trade scenarios: Things I need, +\- cash on my end...
  8. FERNT

    Accessories Manners PRS-1 with thumb shelf Mini-Chassis

    Very nice, like new. I’m thinning down the herd. Fits any short action Remington 700 or clone action. Had an M24 contour with plenty of room in barrel channel. I’m asking $1,125 shipped with the Area419 rail or $1025 shipped for just the stock. This has all the goodies, including the thumb...
  9. FERNT

    Feedback ofl0926 is GTG

    A smooth transaction
  10. FERNT

    Optics Removed

    Scope works perfectly and will come with AAD caps and SAP throw lever. Has a small rash from barricade. I used it on my .22 LR trainer. Tracks perfectly and glass is pristine. I could offer up some rings for additional $. Asking $1400 shipped for the scope, caps and throw lever. PM or text...
  11. FERNT

    Optics SOLD- Vortex Gen II 1-6 VMR-2 Mil with ADM mount

    Hello everyone, I have a very nice scope I’m parting with, including the mount. This is a great piece of glass, I’m just running a smaller optic on the AR it lived on. Asking $1,025 shipped for the scope and mount. PM or text 616-2six3-7500
  12. FERNT

    Reloading Equipment SOLD- 6.5 PRC Once Fired Hornady Brass 500 pieces

    I have 500 once fired pieces of Hornady 6.5 PRC brass for sale. $220 shipped OBO PM or Text 616-two63-7500
  13. FERNT

    Firearms SPF- Custom Lightweight 28 Nosler LASER

    I hate to part with this but I’ve got a bug to purchase some property and I’m liquidating some of my gun stuff. This rifle was built with no expense spared. All of my rifles have been built by Justin at Spinners and they are all legitimate .25 MOA rifles. This is no exception. -Tuebor Titanium...
  14. FERNT

    Optics SPF

    Yes, your eyes are reading this correctly! I have an all black Vortex Gen II Razor 4.5-27 x 56mm with illuminated EBR-2C reticle. These were built as a very limited run, as Vortex was attempting to win a Military contract. I’ve switched to a new reticle, otherwise I wouldn’t be parting with...
  15. FERNT

    Optics SOLD- Bushnell LRHSi 4.5-18x 44 G2H Reticle Illuminated

    These are one of the best scopes on the market, for what they cost. I’ve got several. I just sold the rifle this was on. $800 shipped for the scope I also have NF Ultralight rings And a 30 mm scope level if some is looking to make a package deal for more $.
  16. FERNT

    Accessories SOLD-Jewel HVRTS with bolt release Rem 700

    Excellent condition trigger for sale. This is a Jewel HVRTSBR, for Rem 700. Great trigger, with a safety and a bolt release for Rem 700. Asking $155 shipped
  17. FERNT

    Accessories SOLD- Accurate WSM Mag w/ 419 Extension

    Selling an excellent condition WSM magazine with Area 419 mag extension, letting this hold 10 rounds. worked great with my 6.5 PRC Asking $100 shipped
  18. FERNT

    Accessories SOLD McMillan MC3 Rem 700 LA Hunter Stock- NEW

    I purchased this stock and then found a deal on a different one I wanted more😂 Asking $235 shipped Great stock, just like their Gamehunter series.
  19. FERNT

    Optics SOLD- Nightforce Ultralight 30mm 1.125” Rings

    Very nice condition. Asking $155 shipped
  20. FERNT

    Rimfire SOLD

    I’ve got a bolt off a CZ 455 I found laying around. I’m thinking I must have kept it around as a spare. I’ve moved on to a CZ 457, so this can go. asking $40 shipped