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  1. Front Range Precision

    SOLD Proof Research Elevation MTR 6.5 PRC

    New in box Proof Research Elevation MTR in 6.5 PRC, 24” barrel, TFDE color, threaded muzzle 5/8x24 under 7 lbs $3,399 shipped Follow link and add to cart for pricing I have some ADG 6.5 prc brass if needed to package with rifle...
  2. Front Range Precision

    SOLD Sig Sauer Zulu 6 16x42 image Stabilizing Binoculars

    Lightly used, Sig Zulu 6 Image Stabilizing Binoculars with box, case, and harness. No scratches on glass. only selling because I decided to stick with my 10x Zulu’s due to the thick forests where I hunt. 16x are great for open country and range days. $525 shipped
  3. Front Range Precision

    Firearms 300 WSM Build Kit Rifle, Proof, Zermatt, AG, TT

    All parts new in box. Rifle will ship in-assembled. -Zermatt SA Origin -Proof 24” 300 WSM 10T Sendero prefit, 5/8x24 muzzle -AG Composites Alpine hunter, flush cups left side, tripod compatible, carbon mossy rock camo -TriggerTech primary single stage 1.5lb-4lb -Hawkins M5 flush hunter dbm...
  4. Front Range Precision

    Accessories Leophoto YB-75LC Leveling Head

    New in box leophoto 75mm bowl leveling head
  5. Front Range Precision

    SOLD 6.5 PRC ADG Brass

    I’ve got 200 rounds of new Bright ADG 6.5 PRC brass $93 per 50 plus actual shipping.
  6. Front Range Precision

    Accessories Hawkins M5 LA Hunter Bottom metal with 300 PRC Hunter Mag

    New Hawkins Hunter M5 DBM with 300 PRC Mag $288 shipped
  7. Front Range Precision

    SOLD MDT Double Pull Ckye-Pod

    New in box MDT ACC Double Pull Ckye pod $799 shipped
  8. Front Range Precision

    APA Muzzle Brake Sale

    Go to and add an APA Muzzle Brake to your cart to see the discount price which includes Free Shipping.
  9. Front Range Precision

    Firearms Barreled Action Kits

    New in box 24" 6.5 PRC Proof research Sendero CF prefits, Zermatt Origin SA or Zermatt SR3 (Wyatt’s cut , and 100 PCS ADG brass. Sold- Origin SA, prefit barrel, 100 PCs brass Sold -SR3 SA, prefit barrel, 100 PCs brass can add other components like stock, dbm, muzzle brakes too. Barrels...
  10. Front Range Precision

    SOLD Proof Research Elevation 6.5 Creedmoor

    New in box PROOF Research Elevation Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor. 24” 8Twist, TFDE camo color $3,099 shipped message for best pricing or go to and add to your cart to see the best price. No trades please.
  11. Front Range Precision

    Accessories PROOF 6 Dasher, 6 creed, & 6.5 Creedmoor Comp Contour Prefits for Terminus Zeus Quick change

    New in box, PROOF Research 6.5 Creedmoor (8T 26”) , 6 creed (7.5T 26”), and 6 Dasher, 26" , 7.5T, Comp Contour, SS, prefit for Terminus Zeus with quick change. This will also work of Curtis Vector Quick change actions. $509 shipped. go to: and add to your cart to...
  12. Front Range Precision

    SOLD Defiance Ruckus/Proof/MDT Build Kit

    I have one black nitrided Ruckus Tactical Short action. Right hand, 20moa rail, aw/AI mag cut, faceted shroud selling as a package only right now, no trades please. Match it with: Option 1: 6.5 creed 24” Sendero carbon fiber proof prefit $2,165 shipped Option 2: with 6 creed proof 26” Comp...
  13. Front Range Precision

    SOLD MDT PRS short (lightly used)

    Lightly used MDT PRS short bipod. Couple range trips. Some light wear on the feet, otherwise pristine. this is the model before the gen 2. It has the right sided arca knob attachment. I do have a new left side knob arca attachment that I could swap onto it. You are also able to get the...
  14. Front Range Precision

    Trigger Tech Sale July 1-5

    All In stock trigger tech triggers will be 20% of July 1-5th!
  15. Front Range Precision

    Accessories APA muzzle brakes

    Gen 2 little bastards 6.5 & .308, black or SS $160 shipped Gen 3 little bastard 6.5 & .308, black or SS $195 Gen 3 Fat Bastard 6.5 & .308 black $215 shipped message for best pricing
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    SOLD Sold

  17. Front Range Precision

    Firearms 7 saum build kit, TL3, Proof, Hawkins, Trigger Tech, AG Composites

    All new in box components Zermatt TL3 SA DLC 20 MOA rail, AW cut, Right Hand, all bolt knobs available. Proof 24” 7 Saum 8.4T Sendero prefit Trigger tech primary black flat (can change this, lots of choices in stock) Hawkins hunter m5 dBm AG Alpine Hunter midnight carbon camo, 2 flush cups...
  18. Front Range Precision

    SOLD Zermatt TL3 Short Action, DLC

    New Zermatt TL3 SA, 20 MOA, AW cut, DLC. Choose any bolt knob Magnum and .308 bolt faces available. $1250 shipped free
  19. Front Range Precision

    Left Hand Sale Trigger Tech Diamond Flat and Pro Curve Left Hand

    New in box lefty handed trigger tech diamond single stage 1- pro curve Sold flat shoes. $295 pro curve $275 flat free shipping.
  20. Front Range Precision

    Firearms 300 PRC Barreled action Kit, TL3, Proof,Hawkins, Trigger Tech

    All new parts for a 300 PRC Build kit. Zermatt TL3 LA DLC Proof Research 26” Sendero 9T 300 prc prefit AG composites alpine hunter, two flush cups left, tripod compatible Hawkins cip+ DBM or Hawkins Hunter DBM Trigger tech special flat single stage -7lb 6 oz with mag -will ship Un-assembled...