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  1. DriftinG Z32

    Rails for LMSS?

    Rails received from @derek1ee today. Everything from ordering, receiving, and product fit/finish was spot on. He’s good to go.
  2. DriftinG Z32

    Rails for LMSS?

    Looks damn good to me.
  3. DriftinG Z32

    SOLD SAP Positional Rifle Sling

    I’ll take it.
  4. DriftinG Z32

    SOLD Milt Sparks VMII 4” 1911

    I’ll take it.
  5. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories All sold

    2nd on the Harris if the 1st deal falls through.
  6. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories FS: Bino Mount

    I’ll take the Vortex Recon per our PM. Payment sent.
  7. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories WTB: USO Illumination Cap and SunShade (ST-10)

    Long, long shot here. Looking for USO illumination cap and 44mm sunsade for a ST-10. Thanks.
  8. DriftinG Z32

    Any F1 racing fans?

    Bitter sweet (hoping he makes a full recovery), but hopefully we get to actually see some damn competitive racing out front. I can’t wait. Ricciardo better show up and perform.
  9. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories SPF

    I’ll take it. PM inbound.
  10. DriftinG Z32

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Favorite IWB holster?

    I’ve been carrying my P365 SAS in a Milt Sparks Criterion. Extremely comfortable and well built.
  11. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories Ammo Binders - For Sale

    Items received. Great product.
  12. DriftinG Z32

    Accessories Barrel Bags and Bolt Pouch

    Bolt pouch received. Great quality and nicely padded.
  13. DriftinG Z32

    SOLD WTS: Remington 700 LTR .308 Win