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    Gunsmithing Finishing Striped Walnut

    Not the usual subject but I am sure the expert with the right answer is on this forum.......I am putting walnut on a 10/22 setting it up as a trainer for the M1. The stock has some light stiping.. What would be the best way to finish this and keep the stiping visible? Thanks in Advance for your...
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    LH CZ Question

    SITUATION: Wanting to upgrade to a LH action heavy brl trainer..No complaints with my Savage TR..EXCEPT-- The bolt is on the wrong side!!!! QUESTIONS: Does CZ offer a heavy ( 22 lr or 22 WMR) in the 452 LH, either in catalog or special run? Is CZ producing or are They going to produce the 455...
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    Gunsmithing M14 stock for trainer-Any Help???

    I have been thinking about trying to put a M14 stock on a 10/22 build for a trainer I can really sling up. Has anyone tackled this? I am not looking to cut the stock down. I have a 24" barrel on hand so it should look about right. I am looking for advice, suggestions and experience......Any...
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    Rifle Scopes Rebuild Binos

    Hope this is not to far out in left field: I have a pair of 1940's era binos with ranging reticle. They are dirty inside. Does anyone know of a company that could clean the inside and recharge them? Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.
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    Savage 93 mag seating

    Just got to play with 93 in 22 mag .. still waiting to get scope for it..... noticed mag does not go straight in... I have to push mag bottom to the right side of the rifle before it will go on up and lock in ... Is this common?? Anyone know how to fix?? Thanking everyone in advance!!!!
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    Savage 93-couple of ??

    Got one for Christmas- 93fvxp- barrel and action look good but I have to work magazine - lean it to the right to get it all the way in, Is this common ? Got a Boyd's stock on the way- where do I get the metal trigger guard? What else do I need to do to it? Thanx in advance!!!
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    Rifle Scopes Sightron S1

    Any one got experience with this line ? I am looking for basic scope to put on some hard recoiling sticks - I have heard that they have a good warranty- best in the price range? thanx in advance
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    Rifle Scopes ZFM

    Has anyone had any experience with the Swarovski ZFM ? To validate the question, I have aquired one. And was just wondering if it is worth holding on to and getting used to the brackets or if I need to work on sending it to a new home... (be looking forward to the opinion of the billions of...