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    Adjustable butt pad (for MRAD)

    I really want an AI AX-style adjustable butt pad on this MRAD, like the part highlighted here: (I.e., at least vertical adjustment; ideally adjustable for cant as well.) The MRAD butt plate, shown attached, is tapped for two machine screws 5" on center. So if I could find something like this I...
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    Rifle ergonomics

    I'm trying to figure out how well I should expect my rifle to fit me. I have a lanky build, and I've shot a number of different stocks with various degrees of adjustment and never found one that lets me get my head positioned so that I don't have to cant it severely to get my dominant eye...
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    Range Report Federal dumping light loads of .308 FGMM?

    I've been wondering why .308 FGMM has been showing up under $1/round recently. I bought some 168gr and pulled a round and found it only had 40.3gr of powder, which IIRC is light for them. I chronographed the box at 2645fps from a 22" bbl. IIRC we could expect more like 2730fps out of 22" with...
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    Where would demil 220gr .30" OTFB bullets come from?

    I've gotten some interesting demil'ed bullets from American Reloading, but they can never tell me their origins. I've been using 220gr OTFB bullets (attached) for subsonics and (not surprisingly) they're just as accurate as premium BTHP pills. But I can't figure out what mil-spec cartridge...
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    Range Report What is the purpose of the tail on Lapua's Lock Base bullets?

    I just pulled a factory Lapua .338LM 250gr Lock Base and had never seen a bullet with this ... sprue? ... in the base before. What is the purpose of this design? My best guess is that it's like an open-tip in reverse – i.e., the jacket is drawn from the tip to the tail. So it saves the trouble...
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    RL-17 and RL-19 for 225gr .339LM

    I can't find any reference loads using RL-17 or RL-19 for 225gr bullets in .338LM. QuickLOAD suggests that any slower Reloder powders won't fully burn out of a 25" barrel. So is QuickLOAD way off here? Or is there some other good reason these faster powders aren't listed with lighter bullets...
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    Night Vision Why do NVDs mount in front of scopes?

    I can't understand why all of the common NVDs mount in front of the standard "daytime" rifle scopes: Doesn't this require extra optics to focus the image on the intensifier and then back it out to the original focal distance so the day scope can make use of it? Why wouldn't it be simpler and...
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    Range Report Boat-tail backward ballistics

    Is anyone aware of exterior ballistics data or coefficients on boat-tail bullets fired backwards (i.e., base first)?
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    Help with hBN-coating bullets

    I've been occasionally impact-plating bullets with HCPL-grade hBN using #7 steel shot in a Lyman vibratory cleaner. I was having some trouble with a new batch of bullets and after a bunch of debugging got some to come out with what felt like a reasonably lubricious coating. But unsure...
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    Why are militaries going for .338LM instead of 300 magnums?

    I just noticed that a .30" 208gr A-Max has exactly the same G7 BC as the .338 250gr Scenar. The 208gr gets the same muzzle velocity from several of the unbelted 300 magnums as the .338 Lapua gives the 250gr, so you can get the same trajectory with less recoil and lighter gear by staying at 30...
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    Windspeed indicators

    What are good options for getting wind speed and direction on a range? I'm looking for something better than a flag/tape, and cheaper than a Kestrel or other reliable electronic anemometer. I've seen pole-mounted, vaned pinwheels used at some matches that look like they'd be suitable and...
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    Consistent seating off lands?

    How do you get consistent OAL to the ogive without putting every loaded round in a gauge and hand-adjusting it, or else pre-sorting the bullets by length to ogive and adjusting for each set? As far as I can tell no seating die seats exactly to the ogive. Didn't think this mattered much...
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    Will my subscribed threads be coming back?

    Doesn't look like they were imported during the switch to vBulletin. Do I need to resubscribe, or should I wait for migration to finish?
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    QD Bipods?

    Is the Accu-Shot Atlas BT10LW17 still the best quick-detach rail-mount bipod out there under $300? I like it, but it does have some flex, and I've noticed a few others at Sinclair (their own, and one by Smith) but haven't seen reviews. I like the LRA, but $500 is over my bipod budget. Harris...
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    Why are automatic bullet feeders so expensive?

    They're basically low-voltage motors with a drum and slotted wheel. What justifies a price over $100 (much less the ~$400 retail rate) for such a device?
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    Chamber sizing?

    Is there a gauge or method to address the following problem? I have a semi-auto .308 and I discovered that even after full-length sizing the cases they would not fully chamber without forward assist. Of course after full-length sizing they clear a case gauge, but that just confirms headspace...
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    Gunsmithing What is up with my (DTA) chamber?

    I have been shooting and reloading for a DTA SRS .308 16" factory bbl. I am only in the mid-hundreds on this barrel. I started with factory-loaded LC brass and after first firing only neck-sized the brass. I'm now into my second reloads on that brass. On my last batch of reloads I fed a...
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    Range Report Target Analysis Software

    Which, if any, software do you use for statistical target analysis? If you use software not listed in the poll please note it. And if you have a remarkable technique of your own please share! References on the above: <ul style="list-style-type: disc"> OnTarget Group Analysis Program...
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    Range Report Super-stabilizing to avoid transonic upset?

    We know that bullets tend to suffer a degradation of accuracy when they slow through transonic speeds. Does a superstabilized bullet -- say, something with a Miller Stability factor above 2.5 -- avoid or reduce the effects of transonic upset?
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    Rifle Scopes Titanium erector springs -- essential? Ubiquitous?

    I read that Nightforce uses titanium erector springs because they are practically immune to fatigue. Is this true to any significant extent (esp. vs. whatever other alloys are used)? Or is it just assumed that all high-end scope manufacturers are using titanium springs, just like they're all...