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    Gunsmithing Thread Adapters

    Who is making and selling custom thread adapters. Been off here for a while and do not remember the board members name.
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    Hunting & Fishing 458 Socom Sub-Sonic

    I got these two tonight and saw a 300lb.+, but he eased back into the weeds before I could get close enough, He looked as big as some of the black cows when laying down.
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    Could someone with Quickload or similar, run a load to find out bullet travel to burn all the powder. 458 Socom, 405gr FP, 13.2gr Unique. A 16" barrel is giving me 1025 vfs Suppressed. I am doing a barrel for my SBR and trying to figure a good length. Thanks.
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    Gunsmithing End Mills

    Who had the post with the 2 verticle mills for sale 3 or 4 months ago, I am not having any luck with the search? Thanks Eddie
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    Gunsmithing Chrome Lined Bore

    What is the best way to cut a chrome lined bore and not risk chipping? I have read they could be trouble!
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    Suppressors Polygonal accuracy

    How accurate is a Polygonal Barrel in a 300 whisper 10.5" barrel, sub-sonic and suppressed. What is the advantage?
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    Gunsmithing Need a single phase to three phase converter

    Wanting to put a lathe at my house and need a add-a-phase rotory converter to supply a lathe I have access to. 7.5 HP Any help appriated.
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    Suppressors Form 1, Multi-cal

    Is it possible to file a Form 1 on a Supp. as Multi-cal. It worked on my SBR, but have not heard anything on a can. Thanks.
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    Suppressors Thread Size For 45 cal

    What is the thread size for the 45 cal. barrels?
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    Hunting & Fishing AR 7.62x39 Sub-Sonic Hog

    My lucky Saturday night, got a chance to take my AR 7.62x39 Supressed Hog hunting and a 150lb. Boar came by. He was about 35yds walking when I hit the white light and shot quickly, hit him 2/3 down behind front shoulder then broke and lodged in the other shoulder. I heard him trot funny for a...
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    Anealing Case Necks

    I have some S&B 7.63x39 cases that did not always expand and seal the gas on sub-sonic loads. Will anealing the case neck soften them so they will expand? How do I go about anealing them? Thanks Eddie
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    Temp change and POI change?

    seems like the last time I loaded some rounds was March and I am just getting to shoot some distance again. Loads are 168gr Match 45.5gr Varget@2765. only get to shoot to 500yds. 100yds still 0, but walking out it was increased to 4.5 to 5 MOA less dial in today. Varget is supposed to be...
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    Rifle Scopes vortex scopes?

    Has anyone tried the 4-16 30mm ill-mildot?
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    60gr SS Ammo

    How accurate is the 60gr Sniper Ammo?
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    AR 10 Small Base Dies ?

    Are very many having to use Small Base Dies on AR10 .308?