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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Calling Glock gurus

    Have a 17 that shoots 3 inches to the left at 10 yards,I have other glocks that shoot just fine,I took the pistol to Glock and they replaced all the small parts (gen 2 upgrade) the replacement parts did nothing,Ive used 115 and 124gr ammo and even replaced the sights and it still shoots left...
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    NRA Annual meeting St.Louis

    Anyone been to one,is it kinda like a watered down shot show,its gonna be about 4 hours away from the knobcreek shoot this year,same weekend
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    neck die

    Just wondering if your neck die touches or leaves any marks on the case body,just picked one up and from just below the shoulder to about halfway down it looks to be kinda working the case,I inspected the inside of the die and about half an inch looks rough or unfinished
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    Suppressors Sig 220 shooting low

    Picked up a used 220 with nite sites the front is a #6, rear is a #8, I shot at 11 yds it was shooting 4-5 inches low,when I raised the front site all the way out of the rear site picture it shot ok,I also shot a target at 6 yds using a normal site picture ( glock or 1911) I was able to shoot...
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    cz 452 guys I need some input

    Im getting a 452 lux model a family member passed away, rifles about 8-10 years old with maybe 100rds through it,Im not looking to make it tacticool,maybe some glass and thats it,any pros cons about the 452s can/how do you adjust the trigger on them,thanks ahead of time
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    Whats your fav powder for 69gr 223

    Shooting a 20 inch 1-9 twist bolt gun,have varget,h4895 Imr8208xbr and benchmark on hand,just wondering what powders youve had good luck with
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    260 from 708 brass?

    Whats the trick,IM getting a doughnut on the neck
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    Gunsmithing I need a old/short bolt shroud

    Anybody wanna trade bolt shrouds I have a non j lock I`ll trade for your old style/short shroud pm me.thanks
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    Your thoughts 260 Rem vs 6.5 creedmor

    Thinking of a new build,of the two cals which one would you choose and why
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    Gunsmithing Rem bolt shroud

    I need a old/short style Rem 700 bolt shroud, I can trade a new one or give you a few bucks for it,pm me thanks
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    Gunsmithing steel bottom metal

    Im looking for a steel bottom metal that looks just like a factory rem 700 bdl,before you type it I dont want a williams,also im not looking for a dbm
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    Rifle Scopes I need 40-42obj pics with B.O. Meds

    Can someone send me some pics of a 40-42obj scope in badger medium .885 height,the barrel is a Rem 308 LTR,thanks ahead of time
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    rem 700 serial # ?

    Im not going to put the number on here but it doesnt have any letters in front of the number,its been rebarrled so I cant look up the barrel code,does this mean its a older 700
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    Karsten on a fiberglass M1a stock

    Anyone installed a karsten without drilling into the cleaning kit hole,if so send me some pics
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    Gunsmithing manners stock owners

    I just got my T4 and the inlet for the bottom metal is way off how much fitting did it take to get your metal to drop in
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    Rifle Scopes Your thoughts on the Weaver T scope 36x40

    Anyone have/use one,will be used for 300-500yd bench shooting only
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    6mm Remington Data

    Whats your best/fav loads for 80-90 grain pills
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    223 brass shrinking?

    Brass has 5 loading on it mixed dates of LC fired in the same Rem 700,trimed to 1.750 now all 50 rounds are 1.743-1.748 ,What gives shouldnt it grow instead of shrink,is it time to throw away this batch of brass
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    Gunsmithing bottom metal

    What do you guys think about williams bottom metal?
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    Thinking about a 17hmr which one

    CZ 452 varmint or marlin 917v,I would like to hear from owners of each rifle,I hear the triger on the 917v is sloppy Im kinda leaning toward the cz,thanks ahead of time