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    7mmWSM and 184 Berger Hybrid results

    W-W M70 Brux 26" 9"twist bbl COL 2.990 184 Bergers tested 3 powders H1000 Retumbo IMR 8133 H1000 65.5grs produced 2988 FPS 3/4 MOA field conditions Retumbo 62.5 2,780 FPS 1 MOA IMR 8133 64grs 2,777 FPS 5/8 MOA Zero pressure signs with any of the loads . Seams the H1000 is the clear...
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    7mm WSM and Berger 184 Hybrid target bullets

    I have 7wsm with a Brux 9" twist 26"bbl . I have N560 N565 Retumbo IMR 8133 Re#33 and Re#26 I want the best load for Berger 184 Hybrid target bullets . Any suggestions ? Purpose long range steel .
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    Dura coat a composite stock

    I have a Greyboe ridgeback stock . Greyboe said they're stocks don't like cerakote can't take heat above 200 degrees . They suggested Dura coat . Anyone with experience doing this ?
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    Rifle Scopes Zeiss V6

    I have a Zeiss V6 5-30x50mm SFP Can I dial my shots like a tactical scope for long range steel ? The Zeiss is a hunting scope,will the Turret adjustment handle that ?
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    Rifle Scopes Can a MRAD be changed to MOA

    Can a MRAD be changed to MOA on a Nightforce ATCAR
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    LEICA - PRS 5-30X56MM RIFLE SCOPES How does optics compare to Nightforce ATACAR ?
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    6.5 PRC and N560

    My 6.5 PRC is a Bergara Premier Ridgeback 26"bbl Today in the nasty smoky skies above Reno NV, N560 really shinned ( It better, paid $105 bucks for 1 Kilo at local Scheels) Bullet was Hornady A-tip 135grs 4 different powder charges in Hornady brass with Rem 9 1/2 standard primer. Seated to just...
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    Range Report 6mm Creedmoor 115 gr Berger VLD

    I seated the 115 berger VLD 2.908 RE#26 44.2grs produced average velocity of 3135 SD of SD 18.0 1/2 MOA With same bullet, seating 2.895 H4350 38.5 grs produced average velocity of 2945 3/8ths MOA SD of 8.2 Shot out of 26" Bartlein bbl 7.5 twist . For PRS shooting the Re# 26 is nearly 200fps...
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    Optics Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56

    Athlon Cronus BTR FFP 4.5-29x56mm Gen1.Sent to Athlon for turret repair and inspection . Turret was repaired and passed inspection. Excellent Rifle scope ,manufactured at LOW in Japan. $1,000 shipped ,pm Cell# for additional pictures Why am I selling it ? I want a Zero Compromise PRS scope.
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    PRS Talk Had my butt handed to me today

    Late May I shot in a PRS long range varmint steel silhouette match ,cool temps and gusty winds . I won the match really surprised me ! Today I moved up a classification ,shot out to 665 yards . It was a 100 degrees in Nevada desert, Smokey inconsistent winds and mirage everywhere . I shot very...
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon scope is being shipped back

    Sent a Cronus BTR to factory for repairs (Elevation turret was stripped) They said its repaired ,I wonder if they examined the windage turret also ? It will arrive tomorrow . I was hoping they'd replace it with a gen2 ,I guess I was dreaming cause nothing else was broken .
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    Rifle Scopes Mavin scopes

    Anyone know about Mavin RS4 PRS scopes ?
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    Rifle Scopes Has IOR Valdada Been forgiven on the Hide ?

    Hearing some great reviews on the Valdada Recon Gen 2 4.8-30x56mm 40mm tube $2750 .00 Anyone know anything about these ?
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    Precision Rifle Gear Electronic hearing protections

    What smart hearing protection are Hide members using ?
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    Hornady 6mm 110gr A-Tips

    6mm Creedmoor I have a long range steel practice coming up this weekend ,match the following weekend . I have been shooting 40grs of H4350 behind a Sierra 110 MK,but can't find those bullets anywhere )-: . Any suggested starting loads ? I'm in Reno NV and its dang hot .
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    Optics Trijicon Accupower 5-50x56mm

    Two years old mostly a safe queen ,comes with original box and manual . $1250 dollars shipped. Rifle not included .
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon Cronus BTR is being sent back

    My Athlon Cronus BTR's elevation turret feels like its stripped ,zero elevation adjustment . So it's on its way to the shop. Has anyone experienced this malfunction ,will they repair it or replace it ?
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    Magneto V3 great company

    I've had my Magneto V3 for 4 years. Out in the field and it starting malfunctioning ,called a company tech up. Determined the cable and the display screen/Box needed replacing. He said "Its out of warranty,no problem I just want to get you going again" They sent a new cable and screen/Box for...
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    Mighty Armory dies

    Received my 6mmCM Mighty armory dies yesterday . Cleaned the die like the directions said ,used Hornady unique case lube that comes in a little white tub. Felt really smooth and precise in operation . I'll shoot them soon and report range updates . 1st class craftsmanship
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    Has anyone watched this fight ?