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    Hunting & Fishing Pimp the Handi rifle

    Gave my Handi rifle project the all over Cerakote treatment this week , she is a very well behaved sub MOA rifle that now looks as good as it shoots
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    Hunting & Fishing Handy Rifle is a Hog Hurter

    In my quest to find things that work simply and simply work , few have been the pleasure this little rifle has been to discover. I have rifles that cost as much as a family car but here is a cheap as chips simple design that shoots sub MOA and packs down into a pair of football socks. Its an...
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    Amazing results from a 700 AAC-SD

    G'day guys This is my first post on the site but have been reading and absorbing all of the information shared here for months , its a fantastic site and a wonderful resource to everyone in the shooting / hunting brotherhood so thanks up front. Recently I picked up a new Rem 700 AAC-SD in...