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    VV N550 availibilty?

    I'd like to try a pound of N550. Does anyone know a company that ships with low or no hazmat fees? I'd hate to have to pay $25 hazmat plus shipping for just one pound.
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    Primer Seating Depth?

    For years I have been using the Lee handheld primer seating tool and tray with good success. Recently, I purchased the Sinclair priming tool just for my match brass. What seating depth do you use when seating primers? I am loading Federal 210M primers into a Lapua .308 Win case. The Sinclair...
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    Wilson Seating Die Problem/Question?

    I plan to do a load development work up on a new rifle build and have ordered the Wilson Seating Die so that I can make seating adjustments at the range. Some folks have stated that they have had trouble seating Berger VLD bullets deep enough with this seater. I know that Wilson has made a VLD...
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    Two-Way Radio Choice?

    Looking for a good pair of two-way radios mostly for range work. Must be rugged and waterproof. I've tried the cheap ones and they just don't hold up. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Neck Turning Question?

    I've decided to uniform my .308 Lapua brass some by turning the necks. I have new brass and some twice fired from a new build. Lapua is quite consistent, but I can see some value in turning the necks. Questions- Do you neck size your new brass or wait until it is fireformed? What is your...
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    Redding 'S' FS Die Question?

    I've been using these Redding Type S Full Sizing Dies for many years. They have served me well. I have a quick question: If I remove the internals of this die (bushing, etc) will the die function exactly like the Redding body-only die to size the body and bump the shoulder or do I need the...
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    Stainless Steel Tumbler Leaking

    Over the past 2 years I have run my tumbler (Thumbler B Model)about twice a week. It's now leaking around the lid seal and I need to get a fix. Has anyone experienced this? Did a replacement lid seal cure the problem or did you replace both the seal and the liner? Where is the best (and...
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    Range Report Vertical Stringing - Help me to understand?

    First time out the other day with my new rifle build. It's a 28" 10 twist .308 shooting Berger 185 LRBT. I was shooting at 300 yards over a chrono from the bench once I established a 100 yard zero. I shot 5 rounds of 5 different loadings increasing in charge weight by .3 grains. Two loads...
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    F T/R Competition F Class Matches - Bridgeville, Delaware

    Two 3 X 600 Yard Matches in November at the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club, Bridgeville, Delaware: 1. Registered NRA High Power and F Class - Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011 2. Non-NRA F Class Only Match - Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 Contact me if you would like more information. Thanks. Charlie Watson
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    QuickLoad and Optimum Barrel Time?

    I'm just now working up loads for a new rifle build. Have any of you folks used OBT effectively? Does it matter that much? I have a 28" barrel and the OBT for Node 5 is 1.431ms and for Node 4 1.279ms. I use Varget and the Berger 185 LRBT. QL shows 1.431 gives me a slow load, and 1.279 is way...
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    Rifle Scopes March Scopes - Your thoughts?

    Having been a Nightforce guy for a long time (F/TR Class), I recently picked up a March Tactical 10-60x52 w/MTR-1. I am mounting it on my new rifle build soon. I went with the March because I needed to lose weight as I was bumping the F Class TR weight limit of 18.15 lbs.. I'd like to hear from...
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    QuickLOAD - Want to buy, but have questions?

    I am building up a new rifle and am considering buying QuickLOAD. Questions.... > Does the program have the Berger 185 BTLR Bullet in the database? > Is the program using G7 Drag Factors? Also... if you own it... what do you think of it? Thank you.
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    Phoenix Tactical - Still in business??

    Are they still in business? Do not answer or reply to email. Much of their stuff says out of stock.
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    Digital Electronic Scale Recommendation?

    I like to double check my Chargemaster match loads on a separate scale. Currently I am using a Dillon Terminator for the task and it's not a very good scale (constantly drifting and rezeroing). I would like to buy a decent digital electronic scale with readouts to hundreths of a grain instead...
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    Need another Drag Bag for 50" bolt gun

    I'm on the hunt for a drag bag for my 50" bolt gun w/optics. I currently have (and really like) a Galati for my current rifle 48" long with 26" barrel, but my new rifle build will not work with that size as it is a couple inches longer. I don't need a bag/mat combo. Mostly interested in a...
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    Gunsmithing Remington 700 Trigger Assy Roll Pins - What size?

    I need to buy a roll pin punch for the Remington 700 trigger assembly roll pins. What is the diameter of these pins? Your recommendation for a good punch that will go all the way through?
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    Mental Training

    In addition to a good diet and exercise... what mental training and/or conditioning do you bring to the front sight?
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    Gunsmithing McMillan A5 Stock and Jewell Trigger Question?

    I am thinking of taking a Jewell trigger off of one of my rifles and installing on a rifle that has a McMillan A5 Stock. I've heard that some folks have a rub problem and cannot operate their safety (I have a Jewell HVR) when installed with an A5. I'm not interested in doing any inletting to...
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    A Beam Scale Recommendation - Scott Parker

    As many may know, Scott Parker has been tuning up and selling beam scales to the shooting community for many years. Recently, I acquired a tuned Redding Model 2 scale from Scott. The scale is dead-on accurate, consistent, and repeatable. I am quite happy with it. I highly recommend Scott if...
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    .308 brass trimming based on chamber length?

    I've always trimmed my brass to 2.005, but some have said it is better to measure your chamber and trim closer to your chamber's actual length. Helps with erosion and gives better consistency, they say. I don't know. With a measured chamber, how far do you set back your trimmed brass?