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    What would you do with my Bell & Carlson stock

    I have a Bell & Carlson Medalist stock. I bought it about a year ago with the intent of buying a Rem 700 AAC and just dropping it in and putting a Weaver 3-15 on it. Never got around to doing it and now I really want to finish it. I am not liking the AAC idea anymore and was wondering what...
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    Muzzle Break for Rem 700 AAC

    Does anyone know of a muzzle break other than the ones made by AAC that will match the profile of the Rem 700 AAC's barrel? I've heard that the O.D. of the barrel is 0.890" but nothing comfirmed. The other question is does it matter if the thread diameter matches (5/8") but the thread count of...
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    Android Shooter App

    Yes, I know there is a huge thread about this already so before anyone post "go read it," I have. Its a lot of "You should add this" or "change that." What I would like to know is how accurate it is, specifically the density altitude feature. I cant find any reviews about it online. What I am...
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    Range Report Introducing "Shooter", ballistics for Android!

    Re: Introducing "Shooter", ballistics for Android! I have just recently downloaded the Shooter app and I love it. Im just getting into long range shooting and Im still getting my gear together. My question is if this thing is as good as it seems and what I have read about, do I need a top of...
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    What is best to start with?

    I am looking at buying a rifle for long range shooting. I probably wont ever go beyond 1000 yards once a month and out to 500-600 yards more often. I plan on handloading my own ammo. I dont want to spend more than $1200 for the rifle just because for my uses I am not sure I need $3000+ GAP rifle...
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    Rifle Scopes 10 or 20 MOA base?

    Re: 10 or 20 MOA base? It is the Weaver Tactical 3-15x50mm. I will be putting it on a .308. I was planning on sighting it in at 300 once I get to shoot at 1000 and just hold low using the correct mil dot point. Will I still have enough elevation to work with at 100?
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    Rifle Scopes 10 or 20 MOA base?

    Re: 10 or 20 MOA base? If I wanted to shoot my rifle from 100 to 1,000 yards with a Weaver 3-15x50mm scope, will a 20 MOA base work across those distances?
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    Rifle Scopes Ring Height Info - How to Measure Correctly

    Re: Ring Height Info - How to Measure Correctly I was looking on midway usa at the weaver 6 hole rings. I am a bit confused on all the numbers. I believe it stated the height was measured from the base of the ring to the bottom of the opening for the scope. I will be getting a weaver scope...
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    New guy in Indiana

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum, but I have been shooting for a long time. I havent done a lot of long range shooting, mainly just seeing how far I could push my gun. What I would like to know is where some good ranges are in Indiana. I live in Columbus, but dont mind traveling reasonable...