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    how much is a romanian psl worth?

    just curious about the value of a romanian psl, considering current availabitly. imported, not put together here, very good condition with about less than 500 rounds through it, all matching #'s. thanks.
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    tapco intrafuse stock

    does any one know if standard ar 15 girps will fit this stock? or other aftermarket grips? thanks.
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    Rifle Scopes eye relief issues

    is there anyone out there who makes attachable lenses which increase eye relief? or is that even possible based on the works of the scope lenses? thanks.
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    my remington 700 sps tactical aac-sd and mini 14

    i thought id share with the rest of you gun people. my Remington. just bought it about 2 months ago, about 100 rounds down the tube. shot only 3 groups for accuracy after sighting it in, the rest was plinking. best 3 shot group so far is 3/4" at 100 yards(168 gr. smk federal match ammo), but...
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    what is the best scale for the money?

    what is the cheapest good quality scale i can buy? i need nothing fancy, im a beginner using a lee loader for 25 bucks.
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    Muzzle brakes.

    Ive Been doing research on muzzle brakes. I see some that costs around 100 dollars.. then I see some 200 plus. In your opinion, is there a big difference in the more expensive muzzle brakes rather than a less expensive? Btw it is gonna be put on a 308 rifle, I want something that will let me...
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    Photos my sticks

    just got the Remington sps tac. aac-sd and the accu-strut for my mini. cant wait to go shoot em!
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    sps tactical stock modification

    started yesterday on stiffening up the stock for my sps tactical aac sd.. not quite done, but i put it back together to see my progress and i have a free floater. woot woot! should be perfect once its all done. i will post pics in a day or two for those who are interested in doing the same to...
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    Photos boredom + dremmel tool =

    what i do when i get bored.
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    ok so AI stocks look really cool..

    but are they more for looks or performance? im guessing good performance because of the price, but how do they perform against an hs precision, macmillian, bell and carlson, etc.?
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    has anyone seen the documentay collapse? thoughts?

    very eye opening.. but didnt give a whole lot of evidence to many of the bold statements throughout the film. so im halfway convinced and halfway not. the one thing i would not find surprising is if we had to start living off the land in the next few years. thoughts?
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    Hunting & Fishing ANY FELLOW CALIFORNIA FISHERMEN!! i need help

    i love fishing but the only places i know how to catch fish are ponds using texas senkos, robo wacky worms, few crankbaits and the occasional banjo minnow.. anytime i head out to lakes i get skunked! what techniques do you guys use to catch them? thanks!
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    MINI 14 580 vs basic AR 15 (accuracy&reliability)

    what are you opinions? id rather not hear about how much you can upgrade and alter the ar-15, just curious about your thoughts on the reliability and accuracy on a newer 580 model mini 14 (223) vs a standard 700-800 dollar AR. once that is out of the way, go ahead and expound on the full...
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    remington 700 sps tactical aac-sd. good ammo?

    i just bought the remigton 700 sps tactical aac-sd. i've been reading alot of good things about it, but also how picky it is on the ammo it shoots. any suggestions/experience on what will give me the best accuracy? and i don't plan on getting a suppressor for a while, so sub sonic ammo isn't...