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    300 Norma Mag and IMR 8133

    Shooting one of Ryan's improved builds I'm at 89.5 of imr8133 and 3000fps with 230 atips. 0.3 moa at 200yds I took it up to 90.7 and 3120fps but had some heavy bolt lift. 90.3 to 90.5 was a good node at 3100 fps but intermittent heavy bolt lift. Next node down was at 3000 fps. i have some n565...
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    Precision em!!

    Ryan Pierce Build 300 NMI. I don't have it in hand yet but it is on its way to my FFL. Can't wait to have it in hand.
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    Rifle Scopes SS HD?

    Re: SS HD?
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    Rifle Scopes SuperSniper Variable scope

    Seems like SWFA has some in. Anyone out there purchase one? MIL/MIL sounds like a winner. Any reviews?
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    Gunsmithing stiff bolt on 700 SPS .223

    Re: stiff bolt on 700 SPS .223 I have a 700sps Tac in .308. Stiff. Very stiff. After about 100 rounds it has worked in nicely. I really love this rifle. Couldn't have asked for more. Give it another 50 or so rounds.