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    Tikka T1x and MPA

    I have an old MPA from my Tikka T3 (it has moved to a Manners) and would like to use it for my T1x which currently sits in its factory stock. I know that someone has posted some pics showing some mods needed to make the T1x fit the T3 footprint chassis. I have tried looking for the thread but...
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    WTB AR308 BCG

    Looking for a DPMS pattern AR308 bolt carrier group. Please PM what you have. Thanks
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    Origin vs TL3 Prefit

    Looked around but couldn't find a straight answer. Would a Proof prefit barrel for /Zermatt-BigHorn TL3/SL3 work on an Origin action ? Thanks
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    Subforums format

    This might be a stupid question or even something wrong w/ my browser. For the last few days I have noticed a new format of the forum where for example all items/subjects are mixed (say optics, accessories, firearms, etc on the PX w color tag on the title in a big long subforum but not separated...
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    Optics SOLD. Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27x50

    Almost new, only one trip to the range. FFP, APLR3 reticle. Sunshade (sold separatedly) included. $ 565.00 to your door. Thx
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    Anvil 30 adapter

    Is it possible to adapt a RRS Anvil 30 to a 100 mm tripd head, something like a Crux Ordnance ? If so what would be the adapter needed ? Thx
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex Rzr Gen III

    Any word on a new RZR Gen III big scope ? The current 4.5-27 x56 Gen II is a good serviceable scope for PRS and great for the money but it seems every other company is updating their product line. Wishlist: I'd like updated glass, 5-35 (at least 30), parallax down to 25 yds (for 22LR) and .2 mil...
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    PRS Talk Load speed

    Say you have to develop a load for PRS type competitions Assuming all else being equal. Would you go for a fast one or a slow speed? Say 6GT 3550 vs 2950 or 6 Dasher 2950 vs 2850. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Thx
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    Proof 223 Reamer

    Any one knows the details of the 223 Remington chamber/reamer used in Proof prefits? Lead and throat? Looking to send 80 -88 grainers. My friend contacted Proof and was told that they could not give that information WTF, why would they not ? It makes no sense. Thx
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    AR15 Accuracy issues

    I put together an AR15 with different parts. Plan was to use it for gas matches PRS style, of which we have a couple a year locally. Distance out to 800 yds give or take. I used a generic upper/handguard and lower that fit pretty well. Bolt/carrier is standard mil spec from PSA nothing special...
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    223 Trainer

    Planning on a budget 223 trainer. Not really excited about reloading 223/556. So that I would like to shoot factory stuff, whatever I can get. I do realize that accuracy may suffer. Would you guys do a 223 Match chamber w a longer throat or a 223 Wylde w/ less inherent accuracy?. Thx
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    Feedback @SandiegoReloader27 is good to go

    Good guy to deal with, buy w confidence
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    Anyone using H4895 instead of Varget? Based in what I read they should b comparable. I’d like to use Varget but is unobtainable these days. I figured I try H4895 instead. Any of you experts see any major issues? Thanks a lot.
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    Three leg extension CKYE Bipod

    I was in a match this weekend and a few of the top shooters in the nation had a 3 leg extension version of the CKYE bipod. It is absolutely awesome. That thing went all the way up to 40-50 inches ! Anyone knows when/if it will get in regular production ? Will MDT make it / sale it ? Thx
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    Action base

    Ordering a custom short action with integrated base Caliber will be a 6mm. Not sure what flavor, probably 6BR or variant Will be used for PRS NRL matches mostly Question is should I go 20 or 30 MOA? Thx
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    BAT Machine new action

    Northland Shooters is selling a new PRS style oriented BAT Machine repeater action. Was wondering if anyone had any experience w them? How do they compare to Defiance, Curtis, Impact, etc? Thx
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    Rifle Scopes Optic repair issue

    Just to preface I did damage the optic and that’s not in question. This was not the manufacturer’s fault, at least not that I could see. The issue is how long of a wait for an optic repair is acceptable ? We are talking, what I think of, tier one manufacturer I was opening the safe and rifle...
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    Harris bipod mod

    To preface I like to dick around w/ my equipment and have a few Atlas and Ckye bipods that I regularly use. Having said that I have a Harris seating in my safe that I don't use bc of non-notched legs. Has anyone done any mod to the Harris to either change the legs or somehow add notches ? Is...
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    Rifle Scopes ZRO Delta mount question

    Anyone has a ZRO Delta mount, the hand adjustable one ? How they do hold on centerfire rifles (say .308/6.5 Cm)? Would you do the manual torque or just use a regular wrench? Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes USO B25 Sunshade

    USO had a problem with the manufacturer for B25 series scopes sunshades/ARD and they're not in stock. Placed an order (backorder) a couple of months ago and contacted them a few days ago but was told no ETA. Just to be clear, they were very nice about it and their CS is excellent. Anyone knows...