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  1. Steel head


    That was from the boulder shooter a white back and they actually said that.
  2. Steel head

    Bending bullets?

  3. Steel head

    Guess I’m done with Carhartt

    That’s a bummer I love my carhartt bibs :(
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    Aero Precision Bolt Gun Teaser

    Interesting 🤨
  5. Steel head

    Bending bullets?

  6. Steel head

    Missed opportunity on a custom build?

    If your scope zeros wonky and way off center of travel maybe you have an issue If it seems to be fairly centered at zero then run it.
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    Kestrel firmware 1.48 now available with new features

    Update completed Not very painful at all.
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    Lack of Glowies today ?

    Good I put that twat waffle on ignore! Just another operative of the pedo/racist army of useful idiots.
  9. Steel head

    Lack of Glowies today ?

  10. Steel head

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    All you can eat clam!
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    Looking to build a king of the two mile gun.

    Interesting OP Disappeared I guess we didn’t give him the answer he was looking to hear.
  12. Steel head

    Who are your favorite vendors for pre-fit barrels?

    Yea Design is nice but he seems to advertise best case velocities Wonder what the 338 mega would do with a 255 solid?
  13. Steel head

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Guns and coffee

    The Wisconsin wizard!
  14. Steel head

    Lack of Glowies today ?

    You looked therefore it was consensual and you really wanted the cooties D!