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    Accessories Trigger Tech Diamond AR-15

    For Sale is a TT Diamond that I had in a AR for ~40 rounds. This trigger is awesome but it belongs on a precision rifle, not an everyday truck gun like the rifle I had it in. $245 shipped. WTT for a high end trigger with strong reset, single stage preferred.
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    Optics Trijicon IR Patrol M300 Kit

    (2) Two available - Both units are brand new in box. Haven't even opened the box. $7500 per unit. Only optic and cables, no mounts $6850 Includes Side Flip Mount, Bridge Mount And Wilcox Shoe Interface Come w/ everything pictured at $7500
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    Firearms Noveske Ghetto Blaster

    WTS Noveske Ghetto Blaster .300 Blk in Bazooka Green. Remove the shitty magpul selector and threw in a Seekins, less than ~250 round count. Runs awesome, just going a different direction. PM for pics $3250 OBRO Trades: Highend DI pistol ~10.5" 300 blk or 223 10,000 9mm. Must be brass casing and...
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    Optics Holosun LE420 Vis/IR/Ilum/White

    I have a basically brand new LE420. I mounted it, zeroed it and put it back in the box. It won't work for my intended use. My loss is your gain. $1100 Only trades are ATPIAL w/ light or w/o (can add cash).
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    Firearms P320X5

    For sale: Sig P320X5 with grey gun internals, springer controls and base pads. 4 mags. it is stippled by the previous owner. Has ~6-7000 rounds on it. Will come with Sig Romeo1, original box, 4 mags and rear sight plate. $1100 will trade for Glock 17/19 with RMR Open to other offers.
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    Firearms Sig P320X5 w/ Grey Guns internals, Springer controls and Romeo1

    For sale: Sig P320X5 with grey gun internals, springer controls and base pads. 4 mags. it is stippled by the previous owner. Will come with Sig Romeo1, original box, 4 mags and rear sight plate. $1100 Looking for a Glock 19X Open to other offers. Romeo was added after these pics.
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    Firearms H&K SP5 NIB

    I have a brand new never fired, other than factory testing, SP5 in 9mm with 2 30 round mags and the range bag. $4250 shipped to your FFL.
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    High end truck gun

    I’m looking to build or buy a real high end 10.5” truck gun. I want to start it as a pistol, but will SBR it immediately. Im torn between 300 Blk and .223. I want a ~1 moa gun. Will be used for yotes, plinking, etc. Give me a parts list that would accomplish this goal. My first thought is a...
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    Firearms Delete

    Delete for now
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Forsters Co-Ax for...

    Looking to trade a Forsters Co-Ac for a Redding T7. PM Me for offers.
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    Accessories WTT Forsters Co-Ax for...

    Looking to trade a Forsters Co-Ax for a Redding T7. PM me offers.
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    Rimfire WTT 18" Vudoo Barreled Action (Like New)

    Just received a barreled action from Vudoo and I ordered the wrong length barrel. I've shot exactly 47 rounds because I couldn't contain my excitement. I'm looking to trade my 18" Vudoo barreled action with an MTU barrel for the exact same thing but longer barrel. I need 20" or longer. Current...
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    Optics Keeping it for now.

    WTT Tangent Theta Gen3XR like new condition. I actually have zero round on it. Only trades I"m currently interested in are either 2 Nightforce NX8's or 2 Schmidts. If the deal is right I can add some cash. Trade = 3800$. Cash Value = $3600 Can provide pics if needed. Its currently mounted in a...
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    Tangent Theta TT525p

    For Sale is a Tangent Theta TT525p mil/mil with Gen2XR reticle. It is used but in perfect working condition. I'll get pics up soon. $3,000.00 No trades at this time Gotta be cool with mailing a check, money order, venmo, zelle or something other than paypal as my account was closed a while...
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    Accessories WTS Spuhr 4302 (3 Mil/10.3 MOA) 1.5"

    WTS Spuhr SP-4302 3 Mil/10.3 MOA of cant and 1.5" high. Currently mounted on an Impact and has seen about 300 rounds. Also updated the cross bolts to the newer ones. $350 No trades at this time
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    Manners TF4a SA

    Manners TF4a with Badger EFR. This is a pretty old stock that had the first revision of the mini chassis in it. I had manners replace it with the newest version of the mini chassis so an Impact will drop right in. 1200$ shipped
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    WTB Reamers

    Willing to buy Reamers - PM Me what you've got. Specifically looking for a .223 with longish freebore, but open to others as well.
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    WTB Reamers

    WTB Lightly used reamers in the following calibers .223 with longish freebore PM me details 22-250 300 wm 300 blkout If you have reamers that don't get used anymore and are interested in selling, please PM me what you have.
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    WTT Tangent Theta Gen2XR for Gen3XR

    WTT TT525p Gen2XR for Gen3XR. Scope is in great condition. Has 2-3 very small blemishes as its been used, but not abused. PM for pics or any more info.