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  1. jerseymike

    So, I decided to take apart my rifle.

    So, I decided to take apart my rifle which I had made about two years ago. It hasnt been shot much, maybe 500 or so rounds down the pipe. The rifle is a bat action with a krieger barrel chambered in 243. The rifle shoots fairly well, 1/2-3/4 MOA. I was pretty happy with that. Honestly, I only...
  2. jerseymike

    Mk248 mod 0 worth?

    Anyone know what this ammo is worth? I'm sure someone will say it's worth nothing, send it to me.
  3. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing Automation direct VFD GS2 on Southbend lathe question.

    Im in the middle of installing an Automation Direct variable frequency drive model (GS2) on my Southbend heavy 13. The wiring diagram shows 3 lines connecting from the AC motor to the VFD. The issue is my AC motor has 6 wires coming from it. According to the diagram 1,2,3 wires are dedicated to...
  4. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing good deal?

    I recently purchased a south bend heavy 13 (CL145C) with a 6 foot bed for 4K. Ive used it for about a month and bought it from the owner. So i know if works and is true. this is what it came with. 2 chucks, buck 6 jaw and 4 jaw aloris axa with 5 holders collet closer and a bunch of collets, i...
  5. jerseymike

    Night Vision Atn tico

    Was looking into getting a thermal sight. I was considering a thor but saw atn offers the tico. Any news on it? I like the idea of a clip on rather than a dedicated sight.
  6. jerseymike

    My cerakote work (pic heavy)

    Burnt bronze upper, lower and hand guards. Media blasted and cleared barrel. Sniper gray adm scope mount. Armor black Surefire brake. Armor black barrel. Airbrushed woodland camo. Armor black stock. Od green barrel, action, base and rings. Green and FDE mixed stock. Media...
  7. jerseymike

    Maggie’s Ridiculous harbor freight review.

    I was looking for a dust collector to attach to my blasting cabinet and read this review. Product: Review:
  8. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes What would you do?

    I currently have a 18.5" 308 700 with a SB 3-12 MTC. I recently built an 18" AR SPR in 556 and have a HDMR with a G2 coming in for it. Would you keep the schmidt on the 308, and put the HDMR on the SPR or put the schmidt on the SPR and the HDMR on the 308?
  9. jerseymike

    DPMS MK12 barrel/ spr build (update w/pics)

    have any of you spr guys run this barrel? thoughts?concerns? just picked one up for an spr build.
  10. jerseymike

    Short barrel 308 guys.

    Any of you guys with 18-20 inch barrels, getting over 2600 fps with 175s or 178s???? Right now im pushing 178s with 44gr of varget at 2525, slight flat primer. Thinking if i should go up another half to one grain.
  11. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes 2nd gen HDMR .

    Saw this today. hdmr/ Anymore info?
  12. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Leupold BX2 tactical binos mini review

    I just picked up a set of new Leupold tactical binoculars for "bird", of the shit species variety watching. I opted for the version with the reticle. Definitely not necessary for my intended purpose, but for a couple bucks more why not. The reticle is what Leupold calls a MIL-L reticle...
  13. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Leupold bx2 tactical Anyone use these yet? Thinking about picking up a pair.
  14. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Leupold mk6 ?

    Anyone know if and when the mark 6 3-18 will have other reticle options other than the cmr trmr2 and h58? Specifically, an illuminated tmr.
  15. jerseymike

    Movie Theater Gunsmoke sniper rifle.

    Anyone watching? 2500 for a custom paint job on a stock!?
  16. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Razor hd illumination issue

    Just noticed my illumination only turns on setting 11. Anyone have this issue? Quick fixes? Love the scope minus this issue.
  17. jerseymike

    New Wolf Precision 18.5 308 build (pics)

    I want to thank JamieD for making this happen. He is a great guy and a very knowledgable smith Specs: -Trued Remington 700SA with PTG bolt, mini m16 extractor, lw firing pin,Rifle Basix L1K trigger,action finished in Ionbond. -18.5" Krieger SS 4 groove,1/10 twist medium heavy palma contour and...
  18. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Razor hd question

    Does a razor hd mounted on a 0 moa base have enough elevation to take a 18.5 308 to 1k?
  19. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes LEOs and weaver tacticals

    Any leos out there using the weaver tac 3-15x50? It has all the features i want with a price that cannot be beat. Specifically speaking about the ffp illuminated emdr model. Do you trust it as your duty optic? It may find a home on my 18.5 308 bolt.
  20. jerseymike

    tees that this crowd might like