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  1. dar1246

    Norma's 130's 6.5

    Does anybody shoot these? I have some on order. I shoot Lapua's now and have great luck with them. Thought I might try these for a change. If you shoot or have shot Norma's. Did you like them?
  2. dar1246

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Wilson Combat Mag cost at Scheels

    I went to Scheels in Omaha Ne yesterday. They had the 47d 8 round clips in stock. I looked at the price and they were marked 59.95 each. I asked the guy why so high. He told me that is what they cost. I asked if they price match and he said yes. I showed him Wilson Combat website and the price...
  3. dar1246

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Les Bear or Ed Brown 1911

    Looking at add another 1911 to the family. Looking for some opinions on these two choices. I have a Wilson and love it but would like another custom.
  4. dar1246

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Springfield Trophy Match sights

    One of my 1911's is a Trophy Match. I would like to change the rear sights to night sights. Any suggestions??
  5. dar1246

    260 small primers

    Would necking down 308 palma brass to get a small primer solve the primer pocket issue??? I would think that will let you get more firings on the brass. The large primers if loaded hot will stretch out. The small primer should give better results and solve the pocket stretching out. Any...
  6. dar1246

    Hunting & Fishing Hog hunts in Oklahoma Where?

    Wife is to kill a hog for our anniversity. Does any know of a good ranch to go to?
  7. dar1246

    Gunsmithing Bolt action single to repeater

    I have a single feed action 7500 lawton action. I want to machine the action to a repeater?. Is this possible to do?
  8. dar1246

    Kelby's new rifle Altas Custom Rifle

    They are listing this rifle in serval calibers and comes with a base, rings for $2300. Not bad for a custom. Thoughts
  9. dar1246

    Fieldcraft Camo on A-5 stock sponge painting

    Tried some new colors with a sponge. I tried black and silver. Here is some pictures of how it turn out.
  10. dar1246

    Suppressors 10/22 Integrally Suppressed Barrels

    Anybody mess Yankee Hill for 10/22. I have the a couple of mites but I use it on other 22s. Any input would be helpful.
  11. dar1246

    Maggie’s Check this workout vid

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  12. dar1246

    Rifle Scopes Leupold optic

    Here is the description but it list it in a 30mm tube. I thought they only come in a 35mm tube. Leupold MK4 ERT M5 Rifle Scope 110076, 6.5x-20x, 50mm, Black, Tactical Milling Reticle Reticle
  13. dar1246

    BCs and time of flight

    How many people look at BCs only. Do you try to cheat by going a lower BC with more velocity to cut down in time of flight. Does this not do the same thing as a higher BC? Inputs on this thought.
  14. dar1246

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt and Benders Service Center

    Ship a scope to them to change out the turrets to mil. It only took 3 weeks. That is pretty fast. Got the call today. I will send they others in. I didn't want to send them in at the same time. Thought it would be a little longer. S&B customer service center 1+++
  15. dar1246

    308 SPS tactical

    Just pick up a 308 SPS tactical with 20 moa Picatinny rail and thread muzzle for 500 out the door. The guy put the screws for the rail in the wrong hole for the rail and just wanted to get rid of it. He own it for a month. The longer screw wouldn't let the bolt close all the way. Switch the...
  16. dar1246

    M21 help

    M21 blued for 2600 or M21 stainless barrel for 2900? I have a dealer who said he would get me one for these prices. I don't know much about these. Does one shoot better than the other.
  17. dar1246

    Range Report 260 20" barrel report

    Got the rifle back the other day. I cut the barrel down from 30" to 20". I was expecting to lose about 200 to 300 fps. I sighted the rifle in at 100 yards and took it to my 800 yard line. I had a 24" 260 about 1 year ago and the ups was 18 moa at 800. I figured I would start somewhere around...
  18. dar1246

    Hunting & Fishing 123 lapuas for hunting

    How will the 123 lapuas perform for hunting?
  19. dar1246

    300 win mag build

    I have been thinking of build a 300 win mag with an 18 to 20" barrel. I have a couple of barrels laying around 11.25 twist. This will have a can on it. How do you think the recoil and velocity will be with an 18" barrel?
  20. dar1246

    MP 15 22 suppressed

    Here is the S&W 22 suppressed. I had this done about month ago. A good little trainer. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed...