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  1. DellaDog

    SOLD WTS 1000 count Nosler 80gr BTHP Custom Comp - TRADED

    I’ll to a straight 77SMK trade
  2. DellaDog

    Rifle Scopes New Razor????

    More importantly, what’s that wallboard system you’re using?
  3. DellaDog

    6mm BRA Load development

    No, it’s not. I’d say it’s close to ideal. H4895 varies considerably from lot to lot, but both barrels I’ve shot like 2920 with 105s. To get there 4895 varies from 30.1 - 30.6 depending on lot. This is with Alpha OCD brass, which as mentioned takes less than Lapua. Varget likes the same speed...
  4. DellaDog

    Accessories Atlas cal adm $225 Tyd

    Looks like a Gen 2, if so, I’ll take it.
  5. DellaDog

    Is it my OCD or

    Done with Excel. I’ve got a MIL version as well. PM and I’ll send copies. (I don’t think I can attach Excel files.)
  6. DellaDog

    Rifle Scopes New Razor????

    Slight thread creep, sorry. I've owned/used nearly all "tier-one" scopes. I'm gradually transitioning most to the ZP5. For my use, I actually prefer the MR4 over most reticles. When people ask about my ZCO, I tell them it's a fantastic scope - but I'll eventually have two more ZP5's for about...
  7. DellaDog

    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    I've shot a bunch beyond 100. 200 yards it can shoot close to MOA with light winds. I can readily hit 2-3 MOA plates out to 300, but It's really a lot of luck at that distance and beyond. Its's fun to randomly get hits, but 22s just get blown around (up, down and sideways) too much to waste...
  8. DellaDog

    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Just received my 2nd 360 today, 20" barrel on the original, 22" on this one. Both threaded. 10 at 50 yards ... "Have you tested this rifle at distances of 100y and on to see how it groups?" 3 100 yard 10 shot groups with 3 different lots of SK and CenterX...
  9. DellaDog

    AutoTrickler V4

    At this point, just the cup.
  10. DellaDog

    Is it my OCD or

    As already mentioned - so you don't shoot out your aim point. That's why I created these targets, 2 or 3 clicks up and aim at the red diamond. I don't adjust for wind during load development.
  11. DellaDog

    Do you shoot your .223?

    My last Bartlein barrel shot 75 ELDMs so well I stocked up on several thousand. The next barrel wouldn’t group them no matter what I tried. Was about to give up on the barrel till I gave the 80 SMKs a try. The 80s shot every bit as well as the ELDMs in the previous barrel. As they say, feed it...
  12. DellaDog

    (Poll) Reloading precision ammo on a Dillon

    Thanks, I’ve read that article before and it is helpful. I’ve already shaved abou 4-5 thousands off the primer cup already and it doesn’t seem to help. I’m leery of going any further. How much have you shaved?
  13. DellaDog

    (Poll) Reloading precision ammo on a Dillon

    The Dillon 550C absolutely will load precision rounds. I load everything on it, 223, 6BRA, 6.5 CM and 300 PRC. Brass prep is done on a Forster; on the 550 - expanding, priming, powder pour, seating and measuring every round as it falls of the press. Seated rounds consistently +- .001 - .002. I...
  14. DellaDog

    Load Development Help

    JMO, but forget the chrono for now. 40.7 to 41.7gr 4350, .015 off the lands in .03 gr. steps with 140s and see what the target tells you. You’ll probably end up around 2750 with a 26” barrel like many others.
  15. DellaDog

    AutoTrickler V4

    You have to add/change shims for different powders? Or is that just part of a calibration process?
  16. DellaDog

    SOLD SOLD! Whidden Click Adjustable Lock Ring and Trim-it 2 trimmer

    Ill take: Whidden Click Adjustable Lock Ring - $40 shipped
  17. DellaDog

    Pheonix Bipod ARCA Mount Options

    Went with RRS ARMS-LR, for both picatinny and ARCA. Adds about 1/2” Height
  18. DellaDog

    Manners Sales/Customer Service - are they always this terrible?

    Not my experience. I’ve got 5 of them. Wanted a couple changes to two of them and each time Tom called to make sure everything was done as requested. They are damn nice stocks too.