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  1. BattleAxe

    SOLD: 6.5 Creedmore Prime (Norma) Once Fired brass

    ALL SOLD I have 500 250 pieces of once fired Prime brass. All bolt fired from a GAP HRT re-barreled to 6.5. $75 per 250 shipped via USPS flat rate. PayPal Friends & Family (you pay fees) or Money Order. I also have around 250 pieces of the same brass fired from a GAP-10 @ $65 shipped
  2. BattleAxe

    Question for the guru's

    I recently made the leap to shooting 6.5 Creedmoor and I've noticed something odd. The MV from the Magnetospeed seems high. For example I might get 2840fps but end up shooting low at 1K. If I then do a MV cal based on bullet drop I get 2770fps and when I use that calibrated speed my dope is spot...
  3. BattleAxe

    Rifle Scopes S&B Ultra-short Throw Lever

    Is anyone making a mag throw lever that fits a S&B 5-20 ultra-short? Can't seem to find any info on them other than S&B released one at SHOT. I'd don't really care who makes it as long as I find something that works. Thanks.
  4. BattleAxe

    Wind Capture-AB 5700 Elite

    I think I already know the answer to this but on this screen image (assuming I've already captured direction of fire) when I select wind direction and perform a "capture", it not only captures direction but also captures the speed data to populate WS1 & WS2 correct?
  5. BattleAxe

    AB Link -Temp/MV input

    Quick question on this feature in AB this window at the bottom of the screen do you insert the full MV number w/current OAT or just the FPS per degree of temp change like you do in shooter?
  6. BattleAxe

    PRS Talk PRS Gas Gun Series Opener

    Anyone else going? Still on the fence over what to run but I signed up for Tac-Heavy. Starting to think this match will be more 5.56 friendly.
  7. BattleAxe


    I've had a hole in my safe for an SPR for some time but its one of those rifles that's been on the back burner, but I fell into this deal that I couldn't refuse... Seekins matched upper and lower Troy rails Magpul ACS Fluted DEZ 20" match barrel, 1-9 twist PWS flash hider Chrome plated BCG...
  8. BattleAxe

    New build and a little match porn...

    I fell into a deal on this rifle about a year ago and didn't really have a use for it but with recent events decided to kit it out. I even loaned it out for a few months when it was new so up until a month ago have never fired it. PWS Mk-214 VLTOR EMOD stock Geisselle SSA-E trigger Premier...
  9. BattleAxe

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Glock 27 question

    For the glock guru's out there... I have a Glock 27 that's around 5-ish years old that likely has less than 100 rounds through it. It was primarily a hide-away piece for home protection that gets little use. I hadn't shot it in awhile and took it out to get some trigger time for the wife and...
  10. BattleAxe

    Wrist Dope

    I had to drop off a dive computer this week due to a potential recall and was poking around the scuba shop waiting for the diagnosis when I found this thing and thought I'd share... Its an underwater wrist slate that's contoured to your arm and has 2 flip-up pages. You can tape dope cards to...
  11. BattleAxe

    Gear junkie porn. This is nuts...

    I haven't got sound figured out yet and this is my first attempt with infrared video. Wild shit. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed...
  12. BattleAxe

    Purely porn

    I haven't seen a thread in awhile that was just purely porn. Porn is good. Post it up and let there be porn...
  13. BattleAxe

    Rifle Scopes RIngs on your GAP-10?

    For you guys with GAP-10s.... I'm only looking for those with 34mm tube optics w/50mm objectives. What height rings are you running on your GAP-10 and how much clearance do you have left to the top of the rail cutout? I want to go as low as I can without clearance issues. I may be swayed by...
  14. BattleAxe

    New addition to the team...

    Chief get nice B-day present from squaw. Chief no kick or drag squaw by hair for 7 moons. PWS MK114 FDE Cerakote Geisselle SSA trigger I had an Eotech collecting dust so it will wear that for now. Not sure what my final optic choice will be yet. One thing my vault was missing was a carbine...
  15. BattleAxe

    When posting about matches...

    This may be a little nit-picky but... When posting about matches how about requiring the state abbreviation in the thread title such as... <span style="font-weight: bold">FL, Egg throwing match Feb 9-12</span> Every time I come into the match forum I end up having to scroll through every...
  16. BattleAxe

    Good showing for GA Precision and PWS

    Smokin' good day today. I teamed up with fellow Hide brother Dmack for the year end sniper/spotter match at Bradford Sportsman's farm. I ran my GAP HRT and Dmack ran his PWS MK-114 and we pulled in a solid second place. Nice shooting brother!
  17. BattleAxe

    FGMM .308 verses 7.62 COAL

    Recently I've been researching the idea of more custom loads than just shooting factory FGMM and I noticed that several ammo makers will specify a COAL of say 2.80. Out of curiosity I have some FGMM .308 168's and FGMM 7.62 175's and I measured the COAL and the .308's measure 2.80 but the...
  18. BattleAxe

    H.R.T..."Badass" on a stick

    The title says it all and I couldn’t describe this rifle any other way. The HRT was a gamble in the context that there were virtually no reviews on it, likely since most are in govt. hands. I wanted one anyway and pulled the trigger in May. 6 months and change and here she is…...
  19. BattleAxe

    Gas guns can't do what?

    Apparently they can't hang with bolt guns, and even I started to believe it...until today. After 3 days of every conceivable type of precision exercise including night shooting, rooftops, barricades, long range, short range, scaffolding, etc, I'm <span style="text-decoration...
  20. BattleAxe

    A little match porn

    Last night was the first stage of the BSF 2nd annual tactical/sniper match....rifles staged for the night shoot. There was a nice down payment on a waterfront palace sitting on this table. Please don't drool on your keyboard...