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  1. JLM

    2000MR in a 5.56 gas gun for 55gr FMJ?

    Any of you guys have any load data I can use for mag length blasting ammo with this particular powder?
  2. JLM

    Gunsmithing 5R Rifling now available from Krieger... Krieger Barrels, respected maker of cut-rifled match and hunting barrels, announced it will offer 5R rifling for 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and .308 caliber barrels. This kind of rifling features 5 lands and 5...
  3. JLM

    Source for Savage Firing Pins?

    Gents, Just an FYI before you say call SSS, I allready checked with those guys. They have no large diameter firing pins in stock anymore. Here's the deal. Day before (and two weeks before my hard to draw Elk hunt starts) my stock gets here from McM, I cracked my firing pin in my old 10FP. It's...
  4. JLM

    Gunsmithing Torque value's on action screws?

    As a general principal how much torque do you guys generally run on your action screws? Is 40in/lbs sufficient for a .308 WIN? I'm running my shit unbedded with no pillars for the time being, it seems to be shooting great. McM A1-3 with the 'standard fill'. Thoughts appreciated.....
  5. JLM

    Gunsmithing Savage Trigger...Timney or SSS?

    Time for my old trigger to go (non-Accutrigger rifle). Over the years I've heard a lot of good things about the SSS. However, almost all of the reviews of the Timney on Midway's site are unequivocally positive. So, for those that have first hand experience with either, I'd appreciate your...
  6. JLM

    300RUM Brass Life?

    How many loads are you getting out of your cases? My friend is buying one of these beasts. Also, I'm wondering if my Redding BOSS is up to sizing them (size of opening). They are as tall as an Atlas Booster :P Thanks!
  7. JLM

    .308 Loads for the Sirocco II?

    Gents, I can't recall anyone here ever saying much about the Swifts or sharing any data? Anyone have the secret sauce for the 165's or 180s? Thanks!
  8. JLM

    Gunsmithing Manners or McM?

    For those that have owned/used both? Can you give me a rundown on what you like and more importantly why? And what you don't like as well. An honest assessment. I keep hearing more and more stuff about Manners, and am really interested in his stuff, but so far I've had a heck of a time making...
  9. JLM

    Pressure changes with primer switch?

    Generally how much of a difference can/will you see in pressure simply from switching a primer? Why am I asking this? I had a load in .308 LC Match brass that exhibited no visable pressure signs. Then I switched from BR2's to FED210's. Massive sticky bolt and an incipient head seperation...
  10. JLM

    Any A1-3 or HTG owners here in WY?

    I'm in Fremont County and if possible I'd like a chance to compare the forearms on both stocks before I place my order. So, drop me a line if you think you can help. Thanks
  11. JLM

    Rifle Scopes Weaver Super Slam Tactical

    From "Tactical Super Slams Have Front Focal Plane (FFP) Reticles There are two new Japanese-made Super Slam Tactical Models, the 3-15×50 (#800362), and the 4-20×50 (#800360). Both scopes feature 30mm main tubes, large fixed turret knobs (no caps), and a mil-dot reticle...
  12. JLM

    Sinclair's New Bump Gauge.....

    Well, I can't seem to resist the 'shiny' stuff in Sinclair's catalog so I decided to order one of their new Shoulder Bump Gauges in .30 cal to try out. Up until now I have been using the Hornady LNL Cartridge Headspace Set, which is a GREAT tool for measuring shoulder bump. Intuitive and easy...
  13. JLM

    Gunsmithing Mosin Nagant Headspace?

    My friend just picked up a M44. His fired brass measure around .055 longer than the loaded milsurp shit he bought for it. Is this excessive? Does anyone have a SAMMI reamer print for 7.62x54R? Thanks guys....
  14. JLM

    Savage guys...any of you try the pre-fit Pac-Nors?

    Thinking about getting one down the road. How are they? Can they match the contour of the factory tube, or perhaps something a little less heavy? Curious about the bbl contour because I'm about ready to order a McMillan for the factory contour barrel, but may want to go to something a little...
  15. JLM

    McM A1-3?

    Gents, how is the A1-3 when it comes to offhand/sling supported shooting? Is the forearm too wide for that type of application? I'm about ready to call McM for either the A1-3 or a HTG. I have pretty big hands at 6'10" so In my current locale there is really nowhere I can go to go 'hands on'...
  16. JLM

    Fav powders for .30-06...

    I have several friends that own '06's that perhaps want me to load some ammo for them. Heavy bullets for hunting or zombies. 165s and up. So gents, what are your pet powders for the dirty aught? And more importantly why? For this project I was thinking about getting an 8 pound keg, esp. for...
  17. JLM

    Sinclairs NEW Website is UP!

    You know the drill:
  18. JLM

    Gunsmithing SAMMI Neck Dims for a .30-06?

    Anyone know offhand what the neck dimesions are in a SAMMI spec .30-06 chamber? My friend gave me some fired brass from their rifle and the necks measure right around .339-.340. Brass is Rem, and neck thickness is .012. Seems to me that if you used thick walled brass, say around .015 you be...
  19. JLM

    .308 155 AMax Shooters....jump or jam?

    Gents, For those of you shooting the 155 Amax in your .308's, are you jumping them, jamming them, or what? Some of the info I have found so far seems to indicate that unlike say, the SMK, they are not very jump tolerate. If you have any advice about your seating depths, would be appreciated...
  20. JLM

    For the 7WSM shooters...barrel life?

    Gents, for you 7WSM shooters out there: how long are your tubes holding up?